Zeolite in Skin Care

Zeolite in Skin Care

There are a lot of harmful compounds in our everyday lives that can be hazardous to our health and our skin. Plenty of methods are available to deal with these pesky toxins to skin, and it’s recommended to clean and cleanse your skin—both on the face and all over the body—regularly to keep pollution particles and other harmful substances at bay.

Interestingly enough, though, a new potential skin care ingredient is emerging that might help deal with and protect against harmful pollutants that would otherwise have their way with our skin. This new ingredient is called zeolite, and it’s actually a crystalline mineral that, when added to skin care products as a finely milled mineral powder, could have some serious potential to protect the skin against pollutants.

What Is Zeolite?
Zeolite is an igneous mineral that generally forms when pockets of magma at 200,000 feet below the earth’s surface and lower erupt and combine with ocean water. As the lava is cooled by the ocean water, zeolite can form from the process. Zeolite is a crystalline mineral made up mostly of magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium.

Why is it Good for Skin Care?
Well, first off, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium—when used in skin care products—are generally known to have an anti-aging effect, so having all these minerals essentially rolled into one is certainly a nice benefit. Additionally, zeolite tends to have a calming and soothing effect on the skin, and its pure mineral nature means it’s unlikely to irritate sensitive skin. It’s also known to stimulate regenerative capability in skin cells, regulate oxygenation, and restore a desirable look and feel to the skin.

Additionally, zeolite helps to form a protective barrier between the skin and any pollutants that might otherwise affect your skin, keeping it free from the harmful effects of various pollution particles, which, if allowed to affect your skin as they generally would, can cause discoloration, irritation, and ashy appearance, and potentially even raise your risk of cancer, if the particular pollutants are carcinogenic at all.

How Do You Use It?
Zeolite can be ground into a fine powder and mixed with water to make a simple zeolite cream. This cream can be directly applied to the skin to take advantage of its soothing, anti-aging, regenerative, pollutant protection, and luster-restoring qualities.

Even more exciting than that, though , is the potential for zeolite to be added to other skin care products. Having a standalone zeolite cream might be helpful, but it’s also creating more steps for you, and if you take your skin care fairly seriously, odds are your routine already consists of many steps (cleanser, serums, moisturizer, maybe some face oil, etc. etc.), so adding another one isn’t necessarily the most appealing idea. Just think about the possibilities of zeolite powder being added to sunscreens, moisturizers, maybe even foundations! This may very well be the beginning of a powerful new trend in skin care that makes use of this versatile little mineral to boost radiance, fend off pollutants, soothe and calm down irritated skin, and much more.

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