$500 Worth of Product Picks for Men

$500 Worth of Product Picks for Men

Men might have it easy when it comes to skin care, but everyday grooming processes such as shaving coupled with the damage caused by pollution and the UV rays, means that men cannot escape having a regular skin care routine. While the male skin care routine isn’t as stressful or comprehensive, it still requires a few essentials. After all, the signs of aging affect both men and women, and no one wants to look old at an early age. This article from Vine Vera shows you how to spend your $500 Giveaway voucher to buy specific products that suit your grooming needs.

Moisturizing and applying serums aren’t just a girl thing. They are an essential aspect of your daily skin care regimen as they help your face with healing, preventing damaging effects of elements, regeneration and hydration. All these issues lead to things like fine lines and wrinkles and keeping the skin hydrated ensures that you manage to ward off the damage that occurs to your place. Vine Vera recommends the Men’s Sauna Serum, a formula that might be the thing your dry and rough looking face needs. This product contains essential antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, which help you enjoy a younger, smoother and hydrated look. After all, ageless skin is something that every man deserves as well!

Shaving is essential to get rid of the facial hair, but with the kind of close shave razors that men use today, we often come across all sorts of shaving issues such as nicks, cuts and irritation. Moreover, regular shaving leaves the skin feeling dry as it strips it off its natural moisture. The ideal way to prevent this from happening is to use a rich after-shave balm. This not only brings back moisture to your facial skin, but also makes it smoother and softer to give you a better shave over time. Vine Vera recommends the Resveratrol Men’s After-Shave Balm, a product that was designed with the idea of assisting in the prevention of irritation and burning sensations that usually occur after shaving. The balm contains a rich assortment of ingredients that also help the skin to look younger.

After getting battered by pollution, free radical damage, shaving and UV damage throughout the week, your skin needs a weekly dose of hydration that lets it cleanse and rejuvenate itself to fight another day. A luxe facial mask that contains essential antioxidants and hydrating ingredients might just be the perfect solution, for this not only hydrates your skin and delivers anti-aging solutions, but also offers a relaxed spa-like feel. Vine Vera recommends the Resveratrol Men’s Sauna Energizing Mask. This mask contains ingredients such as witch hazel extract, vitamins C and E and lemon fruit extracts to diminish that oily look and leave you feeling refreshed.

Spend your $500 Giveaway wisely, and if you’re not sure about what product to purchase for your skin issues, get in touch with a Vine Vera skin specialist. Our experts will help you make the right decisions and choose products that actually make skin care a pleasurable experience.

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