A Cleansing Routine For Your Brush

A Cleansing Routine For Your Brush

You wouldn’t think of skipping a day of facial cleansing, so why would you skip cleaning your brushes? After all, it’s what you use to apply the powders and creams that make you such a stunner. If you’re not convinced, here are a few more reasons to help you give that brush a good clean.

The Brush Is Not Cheap
You bought it, you know a good makeup brush can run anywhere from $10-$30, and money doesn’t grow on trees, as your parents probably always say.

It Carries Bacteria
Yuck! Like it or not, you get tons of bacteria on for face every day and that transfers to your brush every time you use it.

It Will Apply Makeup Better
Dirt on brushes can harden bristles making them scratchy and causing streaks in your foundation, and no one wants that.

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Here’s What You Will Need: 

  • Liquid Soap
  • Almond or Olive Oil
  • Cotton Pad
  • Rubbing alcohol

Step One – Wash Brushes With Oil and Soap
Mix one part soap and one part oil in a bowl. The abrasive qualities in the soap will help to break down residue and the oil will condition the bristles leaving them soft and easy to work with. Soak the bristles completely in lukewarm water, avoiding wetting the handle. After your brush is completely wet, swirl it into the mixture, Scrub vigorously and rinse in lukewarm water. Squeeze out excess water and lay brush flat on a clean towel. Allow it to air dry for 6 to 8 hours. Nighttime is best for cleaning brushes so they are fresh and ready for use when you wake up.

Step Two – Clean the Handle
Remember the handle can be a hotbed of germs, makeup, and bacteria, so make sure to clean it scrupulously. Clean the handles by pouring rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and rubbing it over the handle of your brush. This should clean and disinfect as well.

Cleaning Beauty Blenders
Beauty Blenders seem a bit more challenging when it comes to keeping them clean, but actually, the process is not so different from cleaning your other makeup brushes. You’re going to use the soap, but you can skip the oil. Just dampen the Beauty blender with some lukewarm water and squeeze a little soap onto it directly. Roll the blender in your hands until the soap absorbs completely. When this is done, rinse it out until the water runs clear. You may have to repeat this a few times before the Beauty Blender is completely clean because they do tend to be super absorbent, but unclear water means that there is still product trapped in the blender, and you do want to avoid this. Once you’ve judged it to be clean, squeeze the excess water out of the blender and lay it flat to dry. You will be able to tell it is dry because it will have shrunken in size. As a tip, you may want to keep the packaging from your Beauty Blender to serve as a future drying rack.

Did you try it? Did it work? Are your brushes being more cooperative? Do you know a better way? Let us know!

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