A Gentleman’s Guide To Irritation-Free Skin

A Gentleman’s Guide To Irritation-Free Skin

Usually, we don’t associate men with skincare products, but that doesn’t mean men don’t need them. Men shave their skin with razors almost every day, and to paraphrase Shakespeare, “If we are cut, do we not bleed?” Shaving can lead to all sorts of nicks and cuts, not to mention razor bumps, burns, scrapes, and rashes, why should men have to suffer in silence? Luckily, you don’t. Here are some tips you can use to guarantee a close shave without the irritation.

Wet Beard Thoroughly
The first step to a great shave is making sure your beard is completely wet. Facial hair absorbs water making it weak and easier to cut. While showering is the best way to ensure a complete beard soaking, a moistened towel left to rest on your face for a few minutes will do the trick if a shower is not feasible.

Use a Good Shaving Cream
When it comes to shaving creams, you want something that’s going to give you a nice rich lather, rather than a foam. Foams are no good because the only part of the shave cream that really matters is the part that comes in contact with the skin and beard, the rest is wasted. Look for something with high concentrations of lubricants, like silicone, and moisturizer. Aim to leave the cream on for at least a minute before shaving, so the beard is soft.

Use a Good Razor and Change the Blades
Make sure your razor blade is sharp. Keep in mind that when you shave, you’re not only cutting hair, you’re scraping up to two layers of skin off. This causes trauma to the skin that a dull razor can’t handle, leaving your skin a prime candidate for razor burn. To avoid this, try to change the blade somewhere between every three to ten days. That means, if you shave every day, you shouldn’t be using the same blade for more than two weeks. If the blade gets dull sooner than that, ditch it.

Use the Razor Correctly
The best way to shave is in the direction of the beard growth. Start on the side, move to the mustache, and end with the chin. This will allow the chin hairs, which are the toughest, to get enough time to soften under the shaving cream, making them easier to cut when targeted. If you are not sure of the direction of your beard, let it grow for a day or two, and you should start to see it.

man using aftershave lotion

Soothe After Shaving
Shaving is the time when skin is most vulnerable and needs the most attention. For proper soothing, rinse your face with a facial wash with a high concentration of witch hazels and tea tree oil, to take advantage of their antiseptic, skin calming properties. Rinse again with cool water and pat dry.

After Shave Lotion or Balm
As previously mentioned, shaving will remove up to two layers of skin, resulting in moisture loss and irritation. That’s why using a good moisturizer after shaving is so important. Also, make sure to use on formulated for men. These formulas will absorb quickly and leave you with a non greasy finish, unlike women’s which tend to leave skin shiny.

Do you have any advice when it comes to a smooth shave? Let us know how you keep your skin baby soft after a close shave.

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