A Little Sweat, A Little Glow

A Little Sweat, A Little Glow

No matter what skin type we may have, all of us end up with a bit of shine on our faces. Throughout the years, fashion prototypes have taught us this was a bad thing, as we fought a losing battle with powders, primers, and sprays. Well now, recent fashion trends are telling us to embrace that shine for a healthy dewy look, especially in summer months when we tend to sweat more, and controlling shine is challenging. But whether your skin is dry or oily, here are some great ways to capture that glow for all skin types.

During summer months, many may forgo moisturizer, thinking it is excessive on top of an already shiny appearance. Do not to skip the moisturizer, but instead to opt for something lighter than your winter cream. Try gel moisturizers or serums. These are lightweight gels that will make skin moisturized without a greasy feel.

Heavy Foundation is a No-No
This will only serve to produce a heavy feel on your face as you sweat during summer days. Try using a light BB cream to even out skin tone and protect skin.

Skip the Eyeshadow
Eyelids tend to get very oily in the heat. Shadow doesn’t stand a chance against creasing, even with a primer. Opt instead for liners to define and highlight eyes.

Use A Highlighter
It seems unlikely that a highlighter is necessary with skin already glowing from sweat and oils. However, using the highlighter to give an intentional shimmering look in place of a sweaty sheen. Avoid the T-zone, instead focusing on cheekbones, temples, brow bone, and cupid’s bow for highlighter application.

Keep Blotting Sheets Handy
Even though you want to capture a healthy glowing look, you still want to control oil and shine along the T-zone without messing up makeup and caking skin with powder.

Switch to Tinted Lip Balm
With sweat, swimming and other outdoor summertime activities, a cream lipstick will slide right off and matte shades will feel dry and heavy. A lip balm can be the perfect solution as it gives a subtle hint of color and hydrates lips.

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