Antiaging From Head to Toe

Antiaging From Head to Toe

Let’s face it, there are some evil sets of eyes out there. Your face may be absolutely wrinkle free, but there are some pairs of eyes that are determined to find the reveals. These eyes search your hair, your hands, your legs, even your feet set on finding the giveaway: the part of your body that gives your age away. Immature as these eyes may be, imagine how disappointed they’ll be when they find nothing; when they find every part of your body to correspond with the body of a twenty year old! Want to know how to make them wish they never set those evil eyes on you? Here are some tricks for anti aging from head to toe.

Hair gets thinner as you get older, so you’ve got to do all you can to counteract that process if you want to avoid the age labels. Volumizing shampoos are a great option, but probably the most effective products are sprays with “roof lifting” properties. San Diego salon owner Jet Rhys says, “These sprays are like a collagen injection for your hair.” The key, he says, is to avoid overspritzing. Keep the product to the underside go the hair, near the roots, for best results.

The chest can also give your age away. Chest freckles are common, and according to New York dermatologist, Marsha Gordon, “The number one cause is, once again, the sun. ” Wearing sunscreen on the décolletage area prevents the occurrence of spots and blemishes, and you may want to swap out your regular lotion for one with ingredients aimed at spot reduction. Look for Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid on the ingredient label if you want something to lighten freckles and brighten skin.

Hands are another big tell. Hands often get the hard end of the stick when it comes to aging. Exposure to sun and environmental stressors can cause the skin one the hands to dry, making ropy veins visible. The best way to keep hands looking young is to apply an antioxidant rich moisturizer to make hands look soft and fresh. Dr. Gordon says, “I tell my patients to apply moisturizer and always wear gloves in the winter. It’s not just the sun that causes damage- cold winds suck the moisture right out of your hands, which can make them look older, if only temporarily.”

If the spider veins on your legs are stopping you from wearing your dresses, there is a way to treat them. Dr. Jennifer Linder explains sclerotherapy as a treatment involving the injection of a “therapeutic solution into the veins which causes them to collapse.” The price of the in-office treatment can run anywhere from $ 150 to $1000 depending on the size, number, and location of the veins. However, if doctors’ visits are not on the agenda, leg perfecting lotions and sprays can be used as quicker, more temporary alternative, and airbrush leg sprays can even be opaque enough provide complete coverage.

Our feet are one of the most abused part of our bodies, and are, thankfully, not that often exposed. However, even if the weather does not call for strappy sandals, rough feet can be uncomfortable. Dr. Jennifer Linder says, “The constant pressure feet endure can lead to dry, callused skin.” She advised a foot file used at the end of your shower followed by a rich cream containing at least 10% lactic acid. Also, colorful toenail polish has been known to cut years off the foot’s appearance.

What part of your body do you pamper the most? What are your anti aging secrets to keep young from head to toe? Let us know!

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