Are You Overdoing Your Exfoliation? Vine Vera Reviews

Are You Overdoing Your Exfoliation? Vine Vera Reviews

Exfoliation is an essential part of any skin care regimen. It removes the dry, dead skin that can sit on top of fresh new skin, hiding the radiance that should be shining through. The dead skin that accumulates can cause skin to appear dull, lifeless, and tired, and can even lead to breakouts because it can clog pores. On another note, it is very possible to overdo your exfoliation routine. Vine Vera would like to show you how to exfoliate the right way, so as not to damage your skin, and also leave you with healthy, glowing skin that isn’t damaged due to excess or improper exfoliation.

Facial Exfoliation
Facial exfoliation is one of the most essential part of taking care of your facial skin to provide a clean, clear, beautiful canvas for cosmetic application, and overall appearance. It’s something that should be done once per week, and during the winter months you can get away with exfoliating twice per week due to the excess in dry air causing overdried skin and even oily skin. For aging women, this is an especially important step as exfoliation stimulates new skin cell growth, providing you with a more youthful appearance.

There are different methods of facial exfoliation, such as scrubs, gels, masques, and even facial buffers. You will want to steer clear of any facial exfoliants which are damaging to the skin, or could cause damage. Stick with something like a face polish, which was made popular in Asian territories, deep peels, and masques. You don’t want to use anything harsh to scrub the facial skin such as face scrubs with beads, pumice stones, or loofahs as these types of exfoliation methods can damage and thin out the skin, leaving behind unsightly spots, an unhealthy appearance, irritation, and redness. You are causing more harm than good by using those types of methods, so take care to always gently exfoliate, and never exfoliate more than one time per week, unless you have dry skin problems during the winter. Again, in that case, you may exfoliate up to twice per week, but never more.

Body Exfoliation
When it comes to body exfoliation, you can get away with using more abrasive type exfoliation methods such as pumice stones, loofah’s, body scrubs, and brushes. The overall body skin is generally more tolerant of these types of treatments, and also more resilient. These methods may be used once or twice per week, but should not be done more frequently than that to avoid drying out the skin, causing irritation, and thinning of the skin. There are an exciting range of body scrubs to choose from. You can also add any essential oil you want, such as peppermint, lavender, rosemary and other oils into your bath to customize your experience.

Again, the overall body should not be exfoliated more than once or twice per week. Body exfoliation should always be done in small, gentle circles, not rigorously rubbed up or down in any way. Always remember to be gentle; it’s much more effective and actually works better than a rigorous scrubbing.

Vine Vera believes every woman needs to take charge of her skin care, which is why we provide these essential articles to you – our readers – in hopes of helping you have the most beautiful skin possible.

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