Beauty Tips For Dark Skin Tones

Beauty Tips For Dark Skin Tones

Before the 1970’s, makeup for dark skin women was limited. Kind of ironic considering cosmetics were practically invented in North Africa and ancient Egypt. Busts of Nefertiti dating back to 1.320 show the queen sporting black kohl eyeliner worthy of a Kardashian, and neither Cleopatra nor King Tut went to their tombs without their beauty essentials on hand. Fortunately, more recent developments show dark skinned women taking back the power. Thanks to makeup companies, like Ashante, Afram, and Libra, darker complected women are able to find a wind array of makeups suited to their complexion. Well, it only took 3,300 years for makeup to fall back into the proper hands. Let’s take a look at some of the best beauty tips for dark skin tones.

Woman applying foundation

Foundation and Bronzer
One of the biggest problems for women of color is evening out skin tone. Their foreheads are generally darker while the center of the face is lighter, which calls for means experimentation, but there are some guidelines:

  • Keep in mind you want to apply foundation with the goal of achieving in seamless transition between the lighter and darker parts of the face, namely the perimeter. To enhance you skin’s lighter tone, choose a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer one for the center of your face while applying a copper bronzer to the forehead and frame of the face. Blend well for a natural transition.
  • If it’s a warmer tone you’re after, look for a hue that falls somewhere between your lightest and darkest skin tones and apply to your entire face. Avoid concentrating on the lighter or darker part, as this will create a less balanced appearance.
  • Concealer
  • Stubborn under eye blemishes can be counteracted by applying concealer along the tops of the cheekbones to the tip of the eyebrows, in a triangular shape. This will not only hide the dark circles but will attract light to that area.

If you want to open those eyes up, put some highlighter under the brow bone, just above the crease in your lips, pat a small dot on the apples of your cheeks, and press onto your forehead, and high planes of your chin and face.

When it comes to lip color, the best advice for dark skinned ladies is: stay away from pale nudes. They will contrast with your skin tone and end up giving a sickly appearance. If you want to do the nude look, make sure you go for something close to your natural skin tone. Brownish or even orangey shades are more complimentary. Deep shades will bring out the best features of a dark skinned lady. Plums, deep reds, and wines work really well, as do satin finishes.

Woman applying mascara

Most dark skinned girls have hazel or brown eyes, and deep shades of purple can really set them off, even if you have really dark skin. Of course, shiny bronzes and golds also look amazing on darker skin and can work for either day or night. Avoid vibrant colors during the day, opting for more subtle browns, grays, and pinks, keeping heavy on the mascara. Evening events will call for jewel shades of burgundy, copper, blue, prunes, browns, and the aforementioned, purples.

Wear blush to add a flush of color. Warm colors like bronzes or deep pinks are flattering. Powder-based products are best for darker skin, which tends to be oily. Shades like dark peach, coral, rose, wine, and golds will also complement your skin.

Are you a dark skinned lady? What do you recommend when it comes to makeup? Let us know!

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