Best Makeup Brands for Sensitive Skin

Best Makeup Brands for Sensitive Skin

Finding gentle skincare products like cleansers and moisturizers isn’t the only thing people with sensitive skin have to deal with, the struggle continues to cosmetic products too. The wrong cosmetics not only irritate sensitive skin, but they can exaggerate the very problems you want to hide with your makeup. Avoid irritation with beauty products from the four best makeup brands for sensitive skin.

Physician’s Formula
Physician’s Formula began in 1937 when Dr. Frank Crandall began designing a line of cosmetics for his wife who had sensitive skin. An allergist, Crandall worked to ensure that the products he made for his wife were free from known irritants and were gentle on her skin. Today, his tradition of using only the most gentle, yet most effective, ingredients continues. Physician’s Formula products are free from over 100 known irritants and are recommended by allergists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons. The Physician’s Formula brand has a large range of products from BB creams and bronzers to eyeliners and lip gloss. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Physician’s Formula is how widely available and affordable these products are.

Many products claim to be dermatologist approved or safe for skin, but sometimes these labels are misleading. However, when Clinique claims their products are allergy tested, they truly mean it. Clinique’s website describes their rigorous allergy testing by saying, “[f]irst, we formulate without known allergens. Then we allergy test each product 12 times on 600 people. If even one of those 7200 applications incites an allergic reaction, we start over.” Because of Clinique’s commitment to staying away from known irritants like fragrance, this complete line of cosmetics and skincare is perfect for sensitive skin. Find foundation or concealer or pick out the perfect brow pencil and mascara with confidence that the products will be gentle and non-irritating.

Josie Maran
As a model, Josie Maran worked with some of the world’s most talented makeup artists. During her 17 years of modeling, she was exposed to a vast array of cosmetics and was dismayed to learn that many of these products used chemicals and irritants. “I wanted cosmetics that embodied and conscience – cosmetics that were sexy and fun, high quality and organic, effective and good for Mother Earth.” In 2007, she realized her dream and founded Josie Maran Cosmetics using 100% pure argan oil as the brand’s signature ingredient. Maran’s cosmetics are all made using natural, gentle and eco-friendly ingredients and are absolutely perfectly suited for those with sensitive skin. While argan oil is the essential ingredient, it is far from the only thing Maran uses. Along with argan oil infused foundations, the line also includes blushes and eyeshadows that harness the soothing and hydrating power of coconut water.

Inspired by the artists and innovators of San Francisco, bareMinerals has focused on creating products that empower women and enhance their natural beauty. Most famous for their mineral powder foundation, bareMinerals cosmetics never uses preservatives, fragrances, synthetic chemicals and petrochemicals, all of which wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Infused with minerals, iron oxides and essential oils, bareMinerals offers a huge variety of products from their famous original formula foundation to a brand new gel foundation to loose and pressed eyeshadows and mascaras. Once known for their loose products, bareMinerals now offers many of its amazing products in more convenient pressed formulas as well.

Makeup can boost your confidence, express your creative side or enhance your beautiful features, but if you have sensitive skin you might be concerned that using makeup will only aggravate your skin further. Our four favorite makeup brands for sensitive skin don’t use harsh chemicals or irritants and contain ingredients that are natural and gentle and they are all brands with a huge array of products from which to choose. Enjoy makeup without the fear of your skin freaking out when you pick products from these brands.

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