Bring Your Summer Glow Into Fall

Bring Your Summer Glow Into Fall

Are you suffering the end of summer denial? In case you’re not sure, symptoms include: going to the beach well into September, wearing your shorts when the temperature is well below freezing, eating ice cream that you can’t even dig your spoon into, and attempt to surf when the water has begun to solidify. While there are parts of summer we must part with every year, there are certain parts we can hold on to, for example, our summer glow. Skin looks best when it’s glowing, no matter what season it is, so here are some tips on maintaining that summer glow, even when the sun isn’t shining.

As it gets cold, your skin is going to be exposed to drying the wind, and central heating, both of which can wreak havoc on your summer glow. Plus, you’re sure to be tipping back the alcohol a little more during the holidays, so keeping hydrated will be a must. Try to rehydrate with a minimum of two liters of water per day and eat water based foods, like fruits and veggies. Use nourishing oils at night and rich moisturizers during the day, and continue to be diligent about your SPF protection.

Eat Well
Skincare is just as much about what’s going on outside your body, as what’s going on inside. Keep away from refined sugar, and favor good fats, berries, vegetables, and high-quality protein. Look for skin with vitamins A, C, Omega-3 fatty acids, copper, and zinc. These are all superheroes for the skin. Consider incorporating a protein supplement to balance out the lack of nutrients that may result from the transition from a lean summer diet to a carb heavy cooler weather menu.

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Exercise is essential all year around, and a great way to keep your glow going. Don’t let the cold winter rob you of your motivation. Movement is necessary for circulation and lymphatic drainage to keep skin radiant. Work out with your skin bare to prevent sweat and makeup from clogging pores.

One of the reasons for summer skin radiance is the increased Vitamin D from the long hours of sunlight. Supplements are an excellent way of bringing nourishment to sun deprived skin, especially vitamins containing Echinacea for skin brightness. Capsules containing Vitamin A will help skin cell turnover, and Vitamin E will protect from pollution and help boost production of collagen.

If you are hesitant to exfoliate your tan away, don’t be. It will exfoliate itself naturally anyway. Helping it out will make for a more even fade and also ensure your serums and moisturizers are penetrating your skin, rather than resting on the surface of dead cells. Exfoliate your body three times a week- although you may want to keep facial exfoliation down to once every seven days. Body brushes are great exfoliation tools to slough off dead skin and increase circulation.

How are you holding on to your summer glow? Let us know how you plan to keep glowing well into the New Year!

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