Chin Skin Care – Vine Vera Reviews

Chin Skin Care – Vine Vera Reviews

Smooth, flawless and supple skin is something a lot of us aspire to, but it must be said that some areas are more problematic and harder to care for than others, and the chin is one of those areas.

Sometimes the skin there sags, sometimes it seems especially prone to wrinkles, and sometimes it seems to be the preferred hangout for a party of unseemly pimples, or maybe just one. Even a single zit can be frustrating and difficult to cover up if it’s placed prominently on your chin. If any of these problems sound familiar, or even if just hearing about them makes you nervous and worried for your chin’s future, keep reading for a few VineVera tips to keep your chin looking great.

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Exercising regularly, especially making sure you get regular cardiovascular exercise, has a huge array of health benefits. you may not have thought that exercise could help with a sagging chin, too, but as a matter of fact, it can.

To be more specific, if you don’t already have an exercise routine, start one. At least a half-hour of cardio several times a week has too many health benefits to count. Now, if you’ve already got a routine in place, add face and neck exercises to it. this may feel weird or awkward at first, but regularly stimulating and strengthening the muscles in the face keeps everything tight and perky, and will stave off or even reverse saggy chins. A good exercise to try is to sit upright and lift your head towards the ceiling. Then, pretend you’re kissing the ceiling (or pretend your partner’s or crush’s face is in the ceiling, whatever works) and pucker up your lips in a sort of exaggerated way. You should feel a nice stretch in the neck and chin area. Hold it for a couple moments, and repeat about 20 times.

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This is more of a general skin care routine, but it’s worth mentioning here because it’s especially important for problem areas, and the chin can be one of those when it comes to things like zits.

Get a good facial scrub from a brand you trust if you don’t have one already, and pay special attention to the chin area when you work it in. You can also do a homemade sugar scrub, which is good on the whole body, and easy to make: just mix some skin-safe oil with brown or white sugar. Using a peel or deep moisturizing mask every now and then is also a good tactic.

Do be sparing with any kind of exfoliation, though, because doing it too often or with scrubs that are too harsh can cause drying and irritation, and make your skin look ashy and dull. Try exfoliating every other day at the very most, and always use a  moisturizing skin wash every time you shower or bathe.

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Tighten those wrinkles
For dealing with excessive wrinkles in the chin area, all the usual tips about moisturization still apply and can be very helpful, but if face oil, moisturizer and wrinkle cream aren’t cutting it, there’s a number of very non-invasive procedures you can have done without resorting to plastic surgery. Ask your doctor about ideas like infrared laser treatments or pulsed infrared light, which are simple and painless, and can tighten up those wrinkles with repeated sessions.

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