Choosing The Perfect Scent For Summer

Choosing The Perfect Scent For Summer

Ah, summer, the season of smells. Food smells wafting through open windows, restaurants with patio seating, shirtless men, semi-shirtless women, high humidity, and tons of garbage. Combine that with accelerated bacteria growth, and you’ve got a full-on nasal assault. What’s a girl to do?

Thankfully, not all the smells of summer are bad ones, and in the heat, perfume can be a girl’s best friend, not to mention, a welcome burst of olfactory relief for the passing pedestrian.

Here is a guide to the five different categories of perfume to help you choose your signature scent this summer.

Fragrance Concentrations
If you have a perfume bottle, pick it up and look under the name of the perfume on the label. You should be looking at the fragrance concentration. If the concentration is high, the bottle you’re holding contains more perfume oil and less alcohol. Fragrance concentrations are broken down in parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and eau fraiche.

Also known as pure perfume, or extrait de parfum, parfum has the highest fragrance concentration of the five. While they may contain anywhere from 15 to 40 % concentration, most parfums settle at about 20-30%. As the high concentration would suggest, parfums are the longest lasting of the five types, with a staying power of about six to eight hours. They are also the priciest of the fragrances, and the best bet for people with sensitive skin because of their comparatively low alcohol level, which makes them less likely to dry out skin.

Eau de Parfum
Second highest on the fragrance concentration list is EDP, aka, eau de parfum, with a usual concentration of 15 to 20 %. It will usually last for about four or five hours. It’s slightly lower concentration will save you a few bucks and, while it does have a little more alcohol than parfum, it is still one of the better types for sensitive skin. It is one of the most popular of fragrance types and is suited for daily wear.

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Eau de toilette
Eau de toilette (EDT) owes its slightly lower price to its slightly lower fragrance concentration, as compared with the two listed above. It is also quite popular for everyday wear, and some consider it appropriate daywear, whereas eau de parfum is more suitable for the night time. The fragrance takes its name from the French term,”faire sa toilette,” which means getting ready. You can expect its scent to last for about two to three hours.

Eau de Cologne
In descending order of concentration, next is EDC, or eau de cologne, weighing in with a 2 to 4% fragrance concentration and high level of alcohol. While it is cheaper than its more powerful counterparts, it is also much quicker to fade, with a scent lasting for up to two hours. EDC is usually available in larger bottles than other fragrance types because a larger quantity of the fragrance needs to be used. The term “eau de cologne’ originally referred to a recipe consisting of citrus notes and herb with anchoring base notes.

Eau Fraiche
Similar to eau de cologne, eau fraiche will last for up to two hours. It has the lowest of concentration fragrance of the five types (only 1 to 3%), however, it does not contain a large amount of alcohol. Rather it owes most of its consistency to water.

What kind of fragrance are you wearing? Let us know how you’re activating those pheromones and getting the fragrance you’re looking for.

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