Comfort Foods From Around the World

Comfort Foods From Around the World

Just recently, Burger King restaurants in Israel have proudly announced the arrival of the doughnut burger for the holiday season. Dubbed the Sufgani King, the burger is essentially a whopper with doughnuts in place of buns. Its name is derived from word sufganiyot, which is the Hebrew donut traditionally proliferate on Israeli street corners in the weeks before Hanukah. As a spokesman for Burger King Israel says, the burger is proof that “miracles can still happen.”

Although the definition of comfort food is generally universal, the actual content of the dish can differ greatly according to culture. What makes an Italian feel nostalgic for his homeland, may be very different than what brings fond rumblings to the stomach of an Asian. Here are some examples of what constitutes comfort food in the international theater.

Bacon, Egg, and Shrimp Fried Rice
We may never think of Asians as big eaters, yet Chinese food is probably one of the biggest go tos for comfort. For this dish, just fry up some rice in peanut oil, add three eggs, shrimp and bacon and some soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil for the authentic Chinese flavor.

Beef Bourginon
Ooh la la! For a hearty taste of France, this beef stew gets its flavors from red wine, garlic and a “bouquet garni” made from bay leaf, thyme and parsley. Bon Appetit!

Jerk Chicken and Dumplings
For a taste of the Caribbean, you can’t go wrong with some fried dumplings and spicy chicken wings. It’s the kaffir lime infused sauce and the ginger beer that puts the taste of the tropics into this dish. Bite into those crunchy cornmeal dumplings for a taste experience out of this world!

Melanzane alla Parmigian (Eggplant Parmigian)
Get a little Italian in you with this traditional dish. Fry up those eggplants and drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and layer with heaps of bubbly mozzarella. Momma Mia!

Paella Casserole
Flavor this Spanish rice dish with a splash of sherry and a bit of saffron. Load it up with cod, chorizo and shrimp and it’s time for some Latin seafood magic from los mares!

Beef Stroganoff over Buttered Noodles
Improve your foreign relations with this tasty Russian platter. Heat carrots in beef broth, sautée mushroom and cook up cubed chuck roast with a nice cognac. Serve over luscious buttery noodles and garnish with sour cream and parsley.

South Indian Style Chicken
For some authentic flavors of India, stew chicken with a coconut tomato cream sauce spiced with ginger, garlic, turmeric and curry leaves.

Osso Busco
Veal flanks flavored with wine sauce get the starring role in this Italian comfort dish, accompanied by a melange of carrots, onions, and peas.

So many cultures, so little time! If we have unintentionally missed a dish that qualifies as comfort food in your home, let us know, or send some over! We’re always hungry!

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