Common Eye Care Problems – Vine Vera Reviews

Common Eye Care Problems – Vine Vera Reviews

Recently, Vine Vera gave you plenty to think about in terms of eye care, especially for the skin underneath and around your eye, and how to keep it looking radiant and fresh. But there are a good deal of additional issues we haven’t yet given the attention they deserve, as it happens to be the case that the eyes are sometimes an especially problematic area, and there are many potential health and beauty issues that can crop up regarding your precious orbs themselves, and the skin that surrounds them.

As such, Vine Vera is here to deal with three particularly common eye care issues we didn’t address last time, and what to do when you run face-first into them without a clue what to do.

Dark Circles
Dark circles on the skin right under your eyes is a frustratingly common problem, especially if you’re busy and don’t always get enough sleep. As highlighted previously, you can try the cucumber tip (and honestly, it would be a good idea regardless, and can be used in addition to the quick fix we’re about to give you) but for a quicker—albeit less long-term—solution, turn to a good under-eye concealer.

There are two golden rules when choosing a decent under-eye concealer. Firstly, it should be at least two shades lighter than your skin tone. Secondly, it should be yellowish in hue. The reason for this is that dark circles under the eyes tend to have a purplish-black color, and the yellow hue of the concealer will neutralize the purple tones while the lightness of it will counter the blacks. Apply generously and blend up and down. For the best effect, use a tinted fixing powder to lighten it further and hold it in place (which you can do over the entire face, as a matter of fact) and blend it into the rest of the face.

Beautiful woman with crow's feet

Crow’s Feet
Crow’s feet can be very tiring and frustrating to deal with, because heavy cover-ups or concealers can actually exacerbate the problem and draw more attention to them. Instead, highlight the area with either a light (in both color and weight) concealer or highlighter. Use sparingly; just enough to minimize the effect of the lines.

Dull Eyes
The aim of most eye makeup is to make the eyes “pop” and stand out as a center of attention, often making them look larger than they are. Sometimes, though, despite careful application of eyeliner, mascara, and shadows, the eyes may still seem dull, small, and/or sunken. To help with this, use a bright white eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes, and save the dark stuff for the outer edges. Making the outside of the eyes a bit darker and the inside a bit lighter really creates that “pop” that you’re aiming for. This general technique can be put to use with steps other than liner, too. For example, when applying shadow, dab a little of the lightest shade on the palate you’re using around the inner corners of the eye to help with the effect created by the white liner. For women of color, if a white eyeliner would contrast a bit too much for your taste, try a liner that’s at least three shades lighter than your skin tone to achieve that “pop.”

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