Daily Habits That Are Causing Breakouts

Daily Habits That Are Causing Breakouts

For most people, acne is a rite of passage. We all experience it, we bond over it; it’s a common enemy and zit popping becomes the seed from which fascinating locker room conversation is born. However, the words ‘rite of passage’ usually refer to something one passes through, and that there will be an end to it from which we will emerge stronger and better for the experience. But every once in a while, things don’t go as planned. Acne outlasts adolescence and becomes the unwanted guest that more than overstayed its welcome. If this is the case, it might be due more to bad habits than overactive hormones. Here are some everyday habits that might be causing your breakouts.

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Ingredients In Your Makeup
Could your beloved makeup have a sinister side? Apparently, there are ingredients in the very sunscreen and makeup that you are using to make you beautiful that may also be causing acne. While it is understood that abandoning these precious products is unthinkable, there are some ingredients you should check for on the labels.

  • Artificial Color
    Look out for artificial color in your lipstick and blush; it can cause breakouts on your cheeks and around your mouth.
  • Lanolin
    Lanolin is the scientific term for sheep sebum (oil). While it can benefit dry skin, it can wreak havoc on acne.
  • Mineral Oil
    Mineral oil can form a film on the skin which traps bacteria and dead skin cells: the most common causes of acne. It has also been known to cause milia (white bumps on the skin surface).
  • Petroleum
    This is another oil your skin doesn’t need any more of.

Overdrying Skin
Although it may seem like drying out your skin is the perfect remedy for acne, sucking the moisture out of your face is a proven way of irritating skin. Soap and alcohol based cleansers are the most common skin drying culprits. According to Annet King, director of the International Dermal Institute, drying out skin will actually cause it to produce more oil as a way of naturally balancing itself out.

No, not stress, although that can cause acne, too. This type of pressure refers to anything you might be pressing against your face, most commonly your cell phone, but it can even be a hand resting on your face. Holding objects against your face is an easy way to transfer bacteria, and the force your exerting can actually cause you to break out as a result.

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Less acne may equal more housework. If your towels and pillowcases are not fresh from the wash, you could be wiping germs on for skin as you sleep or towel off. King advises changing your pillowcase one or two times a week and replacing towels daily. Also, beware of fabric softeners which are often made with tallow, or animal fat, which is not good news for oily skin.

Hair Products
Since your hair touches your face a lot, most of what goes in your hair ends up on your skin. That means products loaded with silicones, plasticizers, and oil, all of which will clog pores when they make contact with skin. If you wear bangs, or like to wear your hair lose, avoid these ingredients in your hair care products to keep the acne at bay.

Do you know of any daily habits that might be causing breakouts? Let us know what you know. We love to hear from you!

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