Debunking Sensitive Skin Myths

Debunking Sensitive Skin Myths

It’s frustrating enough as it is having sensitive skin, but it’s even worse that there’s a fair amount of misinformation out there about sensitive skin and how to care for it. It can be really hard if you have sensitive skin to separate the truth from the lies and figure out what will actually work for you. Luckily, that’s where Vine Vera comes in. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the worst myths in skin care for sensitive skin, and lay down the actual truth.

Myth: Hypoallergenic Products Won’t Irritate
Fact: We actually just talked about these in a recent article, and it’s true that it’s a decent rule of thumb to go by, however, it doesn’t actually guarantee anything, and the term isn’t regulated, so anyone can put “hypoallergenic” on a product and sell it regardless of actual contents. Generally, products with the hypoallergenic label are more likely to be useful in regards to skin sensitivity, but just remember it carries no guarantee whatsoever. If you have a specific allergy you’re aware of, you need to look for the specific ingredient(s) on the back of a product and put it back on the shelf if you any of them.

Myth: Sensitive-Skinned People Should not Use Retinol
Fact: You can use products that contain Retinol even if you have sensitive skin; you simply need to give it a “buffer” by putting on moisturizer first to avoid the harsh effects. Specifically, try to find a moisturizer that contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient; this will especially help keep any irritation the retinol might cause to a bare minimum.

Myth: If You Have Sensitive Skin, You Can’t Exfoliate
Fact: This one if partially true; if you have rosacea or are allergic to most exfoliants, you should maybe skip, as the dead skin cells left behind can actually help keep your skin protected and hide the problem areas. If you don’t have either of these issues (and especially if you have acne prone skin), exfoliate away, just go it gently.

Myth: Simply Drinking More Water Revitalizes Dry Skin
Fact: This can help a bit, but just drinking more water isn’t going to magically make your skin better. It’s more important to use good moisturizers with strong hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid.Drink up to stay hydrated of course, and it will help your skin quality in the long run, but don’t rely on sipping H2O alone.

Myth: You Need Products with Natural Ingredients
Fact: For one thing, the definition of “natural” is a bit dubious and is only loosely regulated. Secondly, it’s a fallacy to assume that just because something is natural, it’s good, or that just because it’s synthetic, it’s bad. Use the skin care products that actually work for you, rather than obsessing about whether or not they’re “natural.”

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