Delaying The Onset OF Eye Wrinkles

Delaying The Onset OF Eye Wrinkles

According to the Daily Mail, Tess Christian, 50, has not smiled for 40 years. Why? She doesn’t want to get wrinkles. How does she look? A lot younger than 50, but a little unfriendly. When a camera appears, most of us smile, but not Tess. All the treasured moments of her life show her surrounded by happy friends and relatives while her lips do not betray the hint of a grin. Tess says she started doing this because the nuns in the Catholic school she attended didn’t like children to smile. When she reached 40, she realized that while her friends had wrinkle lines around their mouth, she did not. “It dawned on me that I looked younger because I spent my life not smiling,” says Tess.

Skin experts concur saying that, “Wrinkles happen because of the constant creasing of smile and forehead lines by the muscles in your face, which fold the connective tissue under the skin….We know this because it is exactly how Botox works- by reducing muscle activity.” Make of this strange story what you will, but psychologist Amanda Hills says otherwise. She says smiling is crucial to your mental health and the brain releases happy endorphins when we smile. So what have you decided? Would you rather be insane and young looking or happy and wrinkled? Luckily, there are more compromising options for delaying the onset of wrinkles.

Apply moisturizer regularly
Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles the oily skin and moisturizer helps keep the skin supple. Also, keep in mind air conditioners and heaters dry out the air, so apply a heavier moisturizer if you are using temperature control. Use a humidifier if possible.

Don’t Rest Your Face On Your Arm
This will give you a good reason to stay awake in class. Resting your face on your arm stretches your skin.

Women doing yoga

Do Inverted Yoga Postures
Inverted yoga postures like Chakrasana and Savangasant increase circulation and pump oxygen into the face, which helps skin renewal.

Be Gentle While Removing Makeup
Tugging and pulling is very detrimental to the skin, especially the delicate eye area. The eyes are the first places where wrinkles develop, so make sure use a good makeup remover around the eye area.

Women applying sunblock

Stay Out of the Sun
The aging effects of the sun can never be overstated. Stay out of the sun between 10am and 3 pm when the sun is brightest. Wear a hat and carry an umbrella when you go out. Apply sunscreen or  a moisturizer with SPF 30 every two hours.

Apply Face Masks
If You are into DIY, you may want to consider applying egg yolk to your face at least once a week. Leave it on for ten minutes and wash off. Similarly, honey, olive oil, and milk are all great for your skin and make great face masks.

Well, there it is, six great ways to delay wrinkles without looking like a serial murderer. Really, Tess you should try some of them, you might feel a lot better.

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