Drink Lemon Water for These Health Benefits

Drink Lemon Water for These Health Benefits

We all know lemons often get a bad rap. Need we be reminded of the expression? But sometimes the bitterest fruit bears the sweetest rewards. Lemons are packed with nutrients like vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and fiber. However, since lemon juice can be rough on the enamel on your teeth, it needs to be diluted with water. Drink it as soon as you wake up and wait 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast to receive the full benefits, which are as follows:

Boosts Immune System
Lemon juice is full of vitamin C, which is sort of like a kick start for our immune system. Vitamin C is also one of the first things to be affected when you’re stressed, so experts recommend we take advantage of every chance we get to consume the stuff.

Lemons actually have more potassium than apples and grapes, which is great news for our heart health and the function of our brain and nervous system.

Helps Digestion
Lemon juice may also cause the number of dinner invitations to receive to increase. It not only encourages good digestion by loosening the toxins in the digestive tract, it actually helps to relieve the symptoms of indigestion, including burping, bloating, and heartburn.

The magic juice also enhances enzyme function, which means it can help to stimulate the liver, flushing out bodily toxins.

Freshens Breath
Clearly, lemon juice is great for your social life. Besides freshening your breath, it can help relieve toothaches.


However, because the citric acid in the lemon can break down tooth enamel. Wait awhile before brushing your teeth after drinking it or brush before you down a glass.

Avoids Pimples
The antioxidants in lemon juice are known acne and wrinkle fighters. You can also apply the juice to your skin to reduce the appearance of age spots and scars, plus, its detoxification properties will help to keep your skin glowing.

Weight Loss
The pectin fiber in lemons can help to fight cravings.

Decreases Inflammation
Drinking lemon water regularly can remove uric acid in your joints, which is one of the most common causes of inflammation.

Boosts Energy
Even without the sugar, lemon water can provide your body with energy to help reduce depression and anxiety. In fact, the scent of lemons alone is known to have a calming effect on the nerves.

Prevent Viral infections
Like its vitamin C filled counterpart, the orange, lemons can be an effective way to decrease viral infections and the discomfort of sore throats associated with them. Combine with the boost to your immune system, you’ll be one infection-fighting machine.

So what do you think? When life hands you lemons, are you ready to make lemon water? Is it the new lemonade?

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