Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Like A Personal Fitness Trainer

Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Like A Personal Fitness Trainer

Ah, the diet of an Olympian. You hear about it every time the Olympics come around. The Olympians behaving badly. Rounding out their 12,000 calorie diet with fried egg sandwiches with extra cheese, five egg omelets, stacks of chocolate chip pancakes, and that’s all before lunch time. While many of us may view these athletes as ideals of fitness and health, the more realistic among us will view these as no more than voyeuristic fantasies. Although these menus may provide these fat burning machines with adequate calorie counts, they are not quite the Breakfasts of Champions. If you’re serious about fitness, you may want to take it from some people who specialize in it. Here is some advice about eating like a personal trainer.

Adi Gillespie, personal trainer to a Saudi Royal and online trainer reveals a little of what his personal menu looks like. For breakfast, it’s avocado on rye bread toast with two boiled eggs, followed by a mid morning load up on some mixed berries. For lunch, chicken and a side of rice or sweet potatoes and veggies give Gillespie a midday protein and carb boost. Dinner looks a lot like lunch. What is Gillepsie’s evening time treat? “Maybe a couple of biscuits and a cup of tea! Or, if I’m feeling a bit flat, I’ll have oats with peanut butter and a bit of Nutella,” he says.

Don’t Weigh Food
When it comes to portion control, Gillespie says, “I stick to an 80% to 20% ratio as in, if I want to eat something I will.” Gillespie sticks to whole foods and adds that he eats a lot of carbs, “because I feel I need it.” Gillespie is quick to add that food choices can differ for every person. “Really, for me, “he says, “it’s just about monitoring yourself, how you feel, how you look in the mirror, your weight. That’s the only thing you should be basing your food intake on.”

He also warns of the dangers of getting overly fixated with weighing your food. “Like, if you go over your carb intake by 10 grams, you think you can see it in the mirror,” he explains. For Gillespie, it’s all been there, done that. “I did the whole counting every single grain of rice and not going out with my mates for a year or two. Then I was like, “Whoah, what am I doing?”

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You Don’t Need Six Meals A Day
Distributing your food intake throughout the day is the best way to cope with hunger and make sure your body always has protein available to aid in recovery. Other than that, Gillespie has no hard and fast rules. “As long as the basics are there, though, enough protein, a varied diet, whole foods, no processed stuff, low salt, it’s whatever works for your lifestyle,” he offers.

Supplements, Love ’em or leave ’em
Gillespie says he has spent the last ten months without protein shakes; he felt he was getting all he needed from food. He now diets on good quality, plant based protein, and warns against processed protein brands saying, “You don’t need to have as much as they say.”

How does your diet compare to the professional fitness trainers? Let us know how you stack up-and fill up.

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