Exfoliation Basics for the 50+ Crowd

Exfoliation Basics for the 50+ Crowd

It’s no secret that age changes a lot of things about your skin, including its skincare needs. Aging skin has a lower cell turnover rate, starts to sag, tends to be dryer, and the dry top layer thickens. As such, proper care is paramount. This means a number of things, but among them is the importance of exfoliation. Lower cell turnover means cells take longer to reach the surface of your skin and ultimately be shed, which means they have longer to dry out and wither, while they’re still on your face! With your skin getting drier and the dry layer thickening, exfoliation is more important than ever, but you still have to use care and do it properly. Let’s discuss how to go about this.

For the average person under 50, the recommendation is usually to exfoliate once a week, twice at the very most. But as your skin ages, you may need to increase the frequency of your exfoliation sessions to break through that thickening dry skin layer. A good rule of thumb is to exfoliate once a week minimum, and increase to two times week if your skin remains dry or flaky on a once-a-week routine, and step it up again to three times a week if even that doesn’t cut it.

Of course, the way you exfoliate is just as important as how often you do it. While physical exfoliants (scrubs with beads or granules to scrape off dead skin) can work just fine, they’re not necessarily the best option. Chemical peels are ideal for taking off even swaths of skin in one go. You can also use once-weekly facial masks to both aid with exfoliation and hydrate the skin in the process.

Don’t Forget Your Body!
Your body skin changes just like your facial skin, and needs adjusted care in the same manner. A good way to exfoliate your body is to dry brush your skin every other day before you shower, or every day is you have really dry, scratchy skin. To dry brush, just acquire a large, coarse-bristled brush and brush your skin vigorously before you get it wet, rubbing all over your body. Just take care and brush more gently in sensitive spots like the breasts, armpits, and private areas.

Some Other Tips
To go along with your revamped exfoliation routine, you may wish to partake of these juicy tidbits of information, which, when paired with good exfoliation, can do wonders for your aging skin. Use sunscreen every single day, and make sure you get it on your hands too. SPF 30, broad-spectrum or bust. Carry it around for re-application after hand-washing and all over after every two hours outside. Yes, even on overcast days UV rays pierce right through clouds, and even if you can’t see them, they can still damage you.

Find a good skin oil and consider hyaluronic acid in your moisturizer. Skin oils make a great addition to moisturizers and can go on top of them and still penetrate. Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic ingredient as it “attracts” water to it, making it a great hydrant.

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