Exfoliation Do’s and Dont’s

Exfoliation Do’s and Dont’s

Well, maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but this may have taken on a new meaning for J.Lo. It seems like the among the pop star’s arsenal of beauty products is an exfoliating scrub made with diamond powder which insiders credit as Lo’s secret weapon against cellulite. According to a source, “Jen’s legs are actually her biggest problem area. She’s prone to cellulite, and when she gains weight, it always goes straight to her thighs. But since she started exfoliating daily, her legs have never looked better.” Great news for Jen, and this could be true for most of us as well! Exfoliating is definitely a crucial part of the beauty routine, but it does have it’s does and don’ts.

Do: Exfoliate At Night
Exfoliation reveals new layers of skin which can be more sensitive to the sun. The skin is always susceptible to sun damage from UV rays, even on cloudy days, especially freshly exfoliated skin. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen in the daytime and save the exfoliation for the later part of the day.

Don’t: Use A Body Exfoliant on the Face
Dr. Mary Lupo, dermatologist, says that not only should you be using exfoliants tailored to certain parts of your body, but you should also vary the intensity of scrubbing. “You can take a more intense approach below your chin, as the skin on your body is thicker, ” she explains. When it comes to delicate areas like the face, look for formulas that contain ingredients like vitamin E, ingredients that are gentle enough for the delicate skin on your face.

Do: Use Gentle Ingredients
Try to exfoliate with lactic acid. It works best on aging skin, stimulating production of natural ceramides that lighten skin and prevent loss of moisture.

Don’t: Scrub Harshly
Even if skin is problematic, be gentle. “Scrubbing is definitely not the answer!” says Lupo. “Excessive washing only strips the lipid barrier, which increases inflammation.” Use a soft washcloth in light, sweeping motions.

Don’t: Exfoliate More than 1-2 Times Per Week
Keep track of how your skin is reacting. “Anytime it starts looking red and irritated it’s time to back off. Go from two times a week to one, or from once a week to every other week.”

Do: Follow instructions
Don’t keep exfoliants on longer than instructed thinking they will be more effective. AHAs penetrate quickly and should be working the deep layers by the time you remove your mask.

Don’t: Use Glycolic Acid
It is no more effective than lactic acid and is much more irritating. If you are prone to breakouts and razor bumps, try a beta-hydroxy acid like salicylic acid which can be used every day.

Don’t: Over Exfoliate
Over exfoliation can strip skin of its environmental protection barrier. Some experience tingling and even irritation very quickly. If this happens, wash it off the moment you feel uncomfortable. And always do a patch test before trying out a new product!

Let us know all about your adventures in exfoliation. We love to hear it, even the nasty bits!

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