Fake Radiant Skin with these Tips – Vine Vera Reviews

Fake Radiant Skin with these Tips – Vine Vera Reviews

Radiant, glowing skin is one of best things a person can have if they want to look amazing in all kinds of contexts. With radiant skin, you can rock the no-makeup look like a pro, or look even better than usual when fully made-up.

But keeping your skin radiant 24/7, three hundred and sixty-five days a year is easier said than done. There are a lot of ways to help get you there, and a lot of tips and tricks you can be used to get you closer and closer to the velvety-smooth feel and vibrant, healthy hues that can only be called “radiant.” Vine Vera’s array of moisture creams and other products that care for skin with an array of antioxidants and vitamins are a great option to keep your skin looking as healthy as possible.

Let’s face it, those methods take time. Patience is a virtue, but if you want radiant skin now, and long-term solutions aren’t going to cut it, VineVera offers a few tips to help you “fake it ‘till you make it” when it comes to radiant skin.

Woman shaving her face

Try shaving your face
Okay, this one seems a bit weird for most ladies, but as strange as it might seem, shaving before makeup application can actually smooth out your skin and make your foundation adhere better to the surface of your face, even if you have no facial hair. This boosts your overall radiance because the foundation will look more natural on your skin, and is less likely to clump up or look too dry.

You can head over to the men’s aisle and grab a razor made for shaving faces, but in all honesty, the ones you use to shave your legs are basically the same thing and will do just fine. Just be careful with this method, and be very gentle (don’t drag the razor against your skin, just lightly pull it over the surface) to avoid irritating and reddening your skin.

Woman applying coconut oil on her face in a spa.

Use face oil
Instead of moisturizer or facial lotion, try using oil on your face. Look for “face oil” or “facial oil” in the beauty aisle, or try rubbing coconut oil on your face (you only need a little). If you’re using a face cream with other added benefits, like Vine Vera’s moisture cream with resveratrol, keep using it, but add a couple drops of face oil to your daily dose of the cream before you apply it. A tiny bit of added oil on your face can help boost radiance by supplementing the natural skin oil that gets washed away in the shower.

Do be cautious, and experiment to find what works best with your skin, especially if you’re trying something like coconut oil, which isn’t specifically made for use on skin. To avoid breaking out all over if you accidentally use something your skin doesn’t like, test some out in a small, inconspicuous area first, and give it a few hours to see how your skin likes it before you rub it in all over.

Woman applying makeup.

Make sure you’ve got the right makeup tone
Lastly, this one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many women don’t use the most optimal shade of foundation and concealer for their skin tone. When shopping for foundation it is most important to know your skin tone, rather than color. If your makeup isn’t properly matched to your natural skin tone, you can end up with blotchy, dull, or yellowish-looking skin. Skin tones are usually classified as cool, warm or neutral. A quick way to tell which of these matches your skin is to look at the veins on your arms: bluish looking veins means cool toned, veins that lean more green mean warm tones skin and those that are in between are usually neutral. If you are unsure, go to a dedicated beauty store or counter and having an employee evaluate your tone. We recommend trying a sample before purchasing the foundation, often times the type of lights in the store make it hard to tell if you found a good match. Use your sample to test the foundation in the lighting at home, work and especially outdoors or in whatever type of situation you plan to wear foundation. Once you’ve got the right color of foundation, try getting concealer in the same brand that’s coordinated to work together with the foundation.

Also, if you don’t already use concealer, and you have issues getting the radiant skin look, you should definitely get some. Apply the concealer to any area that remains discolored (usually reddish or slightly purple) after foundation, and tap it gently with a fingertip until it looks smooth and blended well.

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