Five Steps To Great Summer Skin

Five Steps To Great Summer Skin

For everything, there is a season, and for every season, there is a new skin routine. It’s summer and that means adjustments. We understand that it’s difficult, planning to go to more parties, planning to wear fewer clothes, planning to go to the beach, and planning a new skin routine. Because it is so hectic for you, we are going to make it a little easier. Unfortunately, even though we can’t help plan your activities, we can give you a little help in the skin care department. Here are five steps to great summer skin.

Bet you saw this one coming. You may already know that the sun is going to give you a lot more than a perfect tan. It’s going to give you wrinkles, age spots, and, quite possibly, cancer. SPF stands for sun protection factor and, basically, you can find the sunscreen SPF level by doing some simple math if there is such a thing. It requires taking the number of minutes you can stay in the sun without burning and multiply it by the number of the SPF. That should tell you how many minutes you have before you reapply your sunscreen. Of course, a simpler guideline is just to estimate. For most people, and sunscreen with an SPF of thirty applied every two hours will do just fine.

Let Up On the Makeup
Every lady loves how she looks in her full makeup face, but wearing less makeup is not only appropriate in the summer, it’s also a lot better for your skin. Let your skin breathe as much as possible in the summer and you’ll be grateful come the winter when the lack of makeup will be harder to get away with. Let the summer be a time for the skin to take a break from some of the harsher components lurking in your makeup products.

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Rinse Off After A Swim
You may not realize it, but chlorine and salt water can do some serious skin damage. You probably know that anything strong enough to disinfect a pool couldn’t be too good for your skin, and salt can dry skin and make it tight, sticky, and more prone to sunburn if you sunbathe after an oceans swim. Aim to rinse off every one or two hours if you’re at the pool or beach.

Don’t Apply Perfume Directly
A spray over the clothes is preferable to one on the wrist or neck in the summer. Perfume has been known to cause discoloration when the chemicals react with the sun’s heat, causing your skin to take on an orange or yellowish tone. Spraying on your clothes will also keep the scent from fading as the fibers in clothing will hold on to perfume scent for a longer time than your skin will.

Eat Well
If you’ve ever eaten yourself into a sugar coma, you probably know how strongly what you eat affects your skin. Summer is a great season to get lots of tropical fruits into your diet and salads are an excellent source of green leafy vegetables. You’ll give your skin the chance to absorb some much-needed vitamins and minerals, and it will reward you with a healthy complexion.

Got any more steps to great summer skin for us? We’d love to hear them! Let us know how you keep your skin looking fresh in the warmer months.

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