Freckly Girls Make the Most of Your Beauty – Vine Vera Reviews

Freckly Girls Make the Most of Your Beauty – Vine Vera Reviews

Many freckle-faced women and girls have a hard time coming to terms with their freckles. Rather than believing they are beautiful or pretty, they count their freckles as a curse. Now is the time to change that train of thought, and introduce a new train of thought in regard to that thought process. It’s time to embrace your freckles, and make the most of your beauty. Vine Vera is here to help encourage you along the path of self-love and discovery, and Vine Vera hopes that you will be able to find the love you should have for yourself soon after reading these helpful tips.

For those who already adore their freckles, it can be tricky to know what types of cosmetics to use to allow them to shine through, without covering them up entirely. You may be wondering what the tricks are to applying makeup effectively. VineVera is happy to help you learn how to put your face on, without blotting those gorgeous dots out.

Forego Full Fledged Foundations
Forget the full coverage foundation, and stick to something lighter, like a tinted moisturizer or primer. This will allow your freckles to shine through and still carry their adorable charm without being masked or thrown to the back burner. You want to showcase your freckles, and if you don’t yet have that state of mind, just look at some of the most famous names in Hollywood – women like Alexis Bledel, Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson, and Bar Rafaeli, for starters. They are gorgeous, incredible women who aren’t afraid to let their freckles shine – and they are all showstoppers, freckles and all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, its true – but by learning to express love for the part of you that you despise, you become one step closer to being fully happy with your body, and yourself.

Avoid Blushes, Bronzers, and Concealers That Match Your Freckles
One of the biggest no-no’s to showcasing your beauty dots is using products which match your freckles. This can hide them and make them look non-existent. Coral or pink hues are the way to go, here. Choose a shade you really love – or a few – and experiment with them. Rock the ones you love, toss the ones you hate. And if you have any current products containing browns, bronze, or copper tones, toss them.

Beautiful woman wearing a hat to protect her skin from the sun.

Wear Your Sunblock
This is especially important during the summer months. Sunblock will ensure you don’t develop a multitude of new freckles, which tends to happen to the freckle faced beauties of the world. Choose an SPF of 55 or higher to ensure this doesn’t happen. Also, this will give you maximum protection against harmful rays which can cause skin cancer and other irreversible skin damage, such as age spots and premature aging.

Vine Vera hopes this informative article on how to rock your freckles and represent your beauty has inspired you, encouraged you, and changed your state of mind a bit about your freckles, if in fact you have a love hate relationship with them. Embrace them; they are part of you. Wear them proudly. Plenty of men in the world believe them to be adorable, and we do, too.

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