Grooming Kits for Dad

Grooming Kits for Dad

There’s a common misconception that taking care of one’s appearance is a girls-only activity. This couldn’t be less true; men are hardly immune to the effects of the environment (especially the sun), stress, aging, etc, etc. So why should they limit themselves to the grooming activities considered conventionally “masculine” like shaving and hair gel? The answer is they shouldn’t. And a great way to communicate this to an important male role model in your own life is to make a grooming kit as a gift for your dad, and include some nice, useful skincare goodies as well. Let’s talk about what you could include.

Everyone’s skin needs moisture, regardless of gender. You’ll especially want to pay attention with how the moisturizer interacts with aftershaves and razor burn. On that note, you may find moisturizers marketed as an after-shave balm; this is ideal, because it will provide soothing relief from razor burn, bumps, etc, while simultaneously providing much needed moisture to the skin. You may also want to look for something with soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and others. Antioxidants are always a plus, too.

A high potency and concentrated dose of quality skincare ingredients, serums are a great way to get results relatively quickly. Serums work best when combined with other moisturizing and protecting products, so a serum is a perfect addition to a grooming kit for dad, since you can pick out the products to match with the serum easily. A serum delivering antioxidants to the skin and providing a warming effect is your best bet, as the warming sensation gives an energizing feeling that can help dad start his day with a smile.

One of the more stigmatized products for men to use in our society is the beauty masque. That said, you’ll want to encourage dad to get over this frankly quite silly stigma, because the benefits of a good mask as part of a weekly routine are undeniable. Again, if you can find a warming, energizing mask, all the better, and if you manage to find one with a host of vitamins and a soothing ingredient like aloe, you’ve got a real winner. Do note that showing dad how to use the mask could also be a fun (and maybe a little silly) bonding experience!

Be sure you tell Dad to exfoliate before shaving, and not after! Doing it afterwards can cause major irritation. That aside, everyone needs a good exfoliant to get rid of excess dead and dying skin cells that coat the surface, which give the surface of the skin a chalky, flaky appearance. Chemical exfoliants are your best bet here, though a physical exfoliant is alright, especially since men tend to have a thicker outer layer of skin and may be less likely to find their skin irritated by rough physical exfoliants. In the end, use your own judgement and cosmetic expertise here; men and women aren’t actually all that different, so if you’re not sure, just grab the same exfoliant you use on yourself and throw it in there!

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