Have You Been Cleansing Correctly? Vine Vera Reviews

Have You Been Cleansing Correctly? Vine Vera Reviews

Washing your face every night and every morning is perhaps the most important part of any skin care routine. But, many of us end up taking this step for granted. After all, how difficult or confusing could cleansing the face with a cleanser be, right? Wrong! Turns out that many of us are getting the most basic step in any skin care routine wrong, and this is leading to all sorts of skin issues and problems. Vine Vera Skincare examines some of the top tips and tweaks that can go a long way in improving your cleansing routine and ensuring that you enjoy a more effective cleanse. Remember, as routine as it might look, a good cleanser can really improve the effectiveness of your other skin care products.

Wash your hands before cleansing
Let’s look at it this way. When you clean your rugs and sofa covers, do you hold them with a dirty hand? Then how can you think about cleansing your face with a dirty hand. Washing your face with unclean hands would simply push all the dirt from your hands to your face. 

Remove all your makeup before cleansing
We often wash around all our makeup without realizing that makeup can travel all over the place. Any portion of makeup that gets left behind on your skin could end up clogging your pores. The safest way to ensure the perfect cleanse is to remove your makeup before cleansing your face with water.

Use warm water while cleansing
If you’ve heard that hot water opens your pores and lets the dirt come out, you’ve been subjected to half-truths. Hot water doesn’t open your pores. What you need is lukewarm water, because it is the most effective in loosening the dirt and it doesn’t strip your skin off its moisture either.

Lather up your face
Once you loosen the dirt, create a lather and massage it on your face using soft circular motions. Start off at the center and work your way outside. Try to concentrate on your t-zone, because it can accumulate a lot of dirt. Vine Vera recommends you to ensure that you don’t ignore your hairline or your jaw line either. Massage for close to 30 seconds for best results.

Double cleanse your skin
Double cleansing gives you a thorough cleanse and a smoother look. Moreover, it calls for better absorption for the products that follow. If you’re living in a city, the kind of pollution and dirt your city gets subjected to simply will not go away in a single cleanse. It helps to use cleansing milk before using a cleanser for a thorough cleanse.

Wash the lather properly
After cleansing, rinse off all the soap from your face. Use your hands to remove the leftover cleanser and concentrate on the edges of your face, ears and nose. Most people tend to miss out on their edges and the soap residue that gets left leads to breakouts.

Don’t ignore your neck area
Our neck area is the most neglected part of our skin, despite suffering from the same damage as our face. Shower some love on your neck and pamper it while cleansing. The signs of aging can first show up on your neck, but that’s only because you’re ignoring it on a daily basis.

Pat dry with a clean towel
The skin on your face is very delicate. Use a soft towel to pat the skin dry after cleansing. Make sure that you leave a thin layer of moisture on your skin as this makes the other products more effective.

Avoid cleansers that contain sulfates
There are a number of cleansers that contain sulfates in their list of ingredients. Sulfates can decrease the oil content from your skin and cause dehydration. They also have a high pH level, which is very strong for the delicate facial skin.

Apply skin care products within one minute of cleansing
If your skin starts to feel tight after cleansing, you waited for a minute too long. It is essential to apply your skin care products within one minute of cleansing your skin to prevent unnecessary dehydration.

Be regular with your skin care routine
There is no escaping a regular cleansing routine. You need to cleanse your skin every morning and night, irrespective of whether you’re tired, need a break or feel stressed, excited, drunk, overjoyed or depressed. There are no holidays when it comes to cleansing your skin.

Do you have any other cleansing commandments to add to this list? Let Vine Vera know using the comments below.

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