Head To Toe Transitions For Fall

Head To Toe Transitions For Fall

Sometimes the onset of fall can make you feel like you’re Cinderella, and its just struck midnight and everything is turning back into a pumpkin. While it’s true that summer is behind us, and pumpkins are trending once again, the ball may just be beginning. That means new makeup, new clothes, and new hair, and new possibilities. Here are some of the latest treasures that you may want to dig up this fall.

Make up
While there may not be one particular shade sweeping the runways this year, there is one particular texture. Metallics of all colors are being generously swept across entire lids in high fashion headquarters worldwide, with quite a bit of blending thrown in. Alberta Ferretti’s models showed off shine in equal parts gold, red, and black for some fall heavy metal on this year’s runways.

Arty Black Liner
There seemed to be no rules when it came to using black eyeliner this year, except use it. Makeup artists showed black lines extending from creases, smeared across lids, or dragged under the eye. Aaron de Mey at Chloe traced gel liner and black pencil around the models’ lids, adding a slight fleck to the line, and topping the creations with gloss.

Beveled Bob
Every year seems to bring some version of the bob. This year’s look is sleek and structured, in contrast to the shaggier bobs of past years. Look for celeb inspiration from Kylie Jenner, whose side-swept bob is all about sophistication, whereas Taylor Swift adds some long straight cut bangs for a more playful take on the style.

Center Part
Channel your inner earth mother with a center part, use a thin comb to get it perfectly straight. Gabrielle Dennis wears her long curls parted in the center for a halo of curls. Natasha Poly uses the center part to draw attention to her face, pulling her hair back and using neutral makeup to show off her natural features.

Finger Waves
If you want to take a little departure from beachy and shandy waves, try a throwback look. Odessa Young wears her hair in a style reminiscent of the iconic throwback Marcel wave, using dramatic red lipstick to complete the vintage look. Jada Pinkett Smith recently tried her hand at some finger waves, with sultry red lipstick and smoky eyes for her own interpretation of the classic style.

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Paper Bag Waist Pants
The name is not half as appealing as the look. These drawstring waist pants are as elegant as they are sophisticated, with a draw string waist creating a flattering ruffle at the top. Philip Lim is showing his houndstooth version in this year’s collection, while Isa Arfen offers up black velvet cinch waist trousers.

Short Strap Shoulder Bag
These bags are shorter in length but decorated with hardware that more than makes up for it. Look for the Theory shoulder bag with the gorgeous shearling strap, or JW Anderson’s rich cognac leather bag with a circular hoop closure.

Romantic Dress
The summer may be over, but the romance lives on. Pretty florals, soft shades, and ruffles are all the rage for the early days of fall. Chloe’s fall mini offers neutral color with a loose drapey fit, while Matches shows a far more structured version with the green floral dress print.
Have you started your fall collection this year? Let us know what you’ve got in it so far.

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