Helping Your Teen Manage Her Beauty Routine

Helping Your Teen Manage Her Beauty Routine

There are certain points in the lives of our children at which they need a little interference. One has only to recall their 13 year old selves to realize the wisdom in that. But when should you begin, and where? Is thirteen too early for your child to be given free reign of a flat iron? The eyelash curler? The razor? While mother knows best, here is a little guidance for when and where your teen may appreciate some much needed well, guidance.

Light Makeup
Teach your teen that while she doesn’t need makeup to be attractive, it can be an option to her. Advise her to try a natural look. She may feel uncomfortable about skin flaws. In this case, you can suggest she just wear enough makeup to look like the best version of herself. She might feel more confident about her appearance if she uses a clear or slightly tinted lipgloss or chapstick and some powder to even out her skin tone.

If she is going out for the evening, and wants to do a full face of makeup, remind her of the lips or eyes rule: pick one or the other to highlight.

Body Flattering Clothes
Although your daughter may not appreciate the fruit comparison, there are a few general body types and guidelines for the best way to flatter it.

  • Pear – Large hips, small waist and bust; highlight waist and shoulders.
  • Apple – Large bust and waist, thin legs. Draw attention to slim legs and hips with loose tops and short skirts.
  • Hourglass – Large bust and hips, small waist. Play up those curves!
  • Banana Thin bust, waist and hips. Use cropped jackets and belts to delineate waist line.

hair styling

Style Hair
Putting a little effort into styling hair can make a huge difference in appearance. If your teen is partial to ponytails, you might want to recommend that she leave it loose once in a while or curl it with a flatiron. Textured ponytails and fishtail braids are also great, stylish, age appropriate options. Remind her that hair maintenance is important and that split ends need to be cut regularly and root retouch ups should be done every few weeks.

Teach your teen the importance of cleansing and give her a few extra pointers for keeping skin clear. She may want to use an exfoliant once a week, and you may want to invest in a few blackhead removal strips or even a visit to the esthetician for professional blackhead extraction. If she enjoys pampering, she may want to pick up some face masks for her own mini facial.

Stay Fit
It is important that your child know that, while she doesn’t have to be stick thin to be attractive, it is important to keep healthy and fit. Endorphin release will also help her feel better and more confident. Encourage her to play a sport she enjoys or to work out with a friend.

Radiate Confidence
Most importantly, teach your daughter that inner confidence is the most important component to inner beauty. Inform her of the importance of good posture, a poised gait and a ready smile.

Moms, what do you think? When and what should you teach your little girl? Let us know!

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