Highlights From The ABS

Highlights From The ABS

The cosmetologist. Some might say their hardest job was explaining to their parents why they would not be going to law school. But why should we side with the angel apparition of Frankie Valli when he croons about the logic of abandoning dreams of beauty school in “Grease?” Doesn’t he know what a rewarding career cosmetology can provide and how valuable a good cosmetologist can be? He probably never attended the ABS.

America’s Beauty Show is a forum for professional cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians to give and receive education in all aspects of beauty. If you missed this year’s installment, here are some of the highlights.

Bio Ionic
Day One was all about the Bio Ionic hair magic. Models in blue sequins lent their hair to artists demonstrating the company’s new brush heads. Roll the brush in your hair, press a button, and the barrel is released into the hair creating hours of luxurious volume. Check out the Power Light Pro Dryer to help set the barrels. (They turn blue after they’ve worked their magic.)

Texture Pavilion
This attraction features booths which allowed featured brands to demonstrate their products. Day One featured Hair Rules, Use Me, Curly Hair Solutions, and Universal Beauty. As Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules told the audience, “Women are coming out of the woodwork wanting to explore their natural texture. There’s nothing like being able to work with every single type of hair texture. It makes you the “go-to”person. And your mama wanted you to get a med degree!

Want a product to eliminate frizz in one application? Just apply the Agadir leave-in treatment and flatiron. Put two drops in with your bleach application or hair color to ensure great color and smooth texture.

Beth Minardi Presentation
This is a woman dedicated to her passion. Day Two kicked off with an exclusive color class held by Minardi, who announced, “I think that when you’re a colorist, your main job is to make your client’s color life better.” (sniff) She then showed the audience how to achieve an ombre color, which she calls “Lit from Within,” which entails lightening hair ends using a zig zag foil pattern. “Think of yourself as a painter. You paint on a living canvas… they are living, breathing, and have an opinion,” said Minardi, introducing her new product line.

Sassoon Creative Team
Midday brought a presentation from Mark Hayes and the Sassoon Creative Team, presented by Wella Professionals. Models sported styles from the 1950’s-inspired “Tribe” and “Hot Rod” Collections, while Hayes and his team showed the audience how to achieve a “Box Bob.” According to Hayes, ‘ Sassoon is now moving away from the original strong line and is going just a bit softer.”

Goldwell’s FasciNATURE collection
Day Two closed with a presentation of the Goldwell fasciNATURE collection, owing inspiration to the color and shapes of nature in leaves, flowers, plants, and the aquatic environment. Artists John Simpson and Dimitrios Tsumious showed off the “Butterfly technique” which entailed work on three different “wings” on the head. Said Simpson, “FasciNATURE is all about creating organic structures with the hair. Personalize the style to your liking.”

Miss Universe
Of course, the coup d’etat was the appearance of Miss Universe at the Modern Salon booth, and they even got her name right!

Let us know what you think about the beauty show highlights! And remember to support your local cosmetologists! Where would we be without them?

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