Holiday Entertaining: Etiquette Tips for a Fabulous Holiday

Holiday Entertaining: Etiquette Tips for a Fabulous Holiday

With the holidays just round the corner, it always helps to learn how to prepare yourself for holiday entertaining. With the right kind of holiday entertaining, you can actually transform a good party into an exceptional one. What you need to understand is that when it comes to holiday entertaining, there are a number of things that need to be prepared in advance, so that you don’t feel rushed during the party. Here are a few important Holiday Entertaining Etiquette tips from Vine Vera to help you throw a fabulous party.

Home lit and decorated for the holidays

Always make it easier for your guests to find your house

Things like turning on the front lights, illuminating your entryway and protecting guests from things like slippery walkways is essential. If you live in an area that is usually dark, try to place directional signs which lead to your house (provided your neighborhood permits you to do so). You can also get your creative juices flowing to add fun ways of adding some color and light to your front porch.

Never show signs of stress

Even if things don’t go as planned, make sure that you don’t let your guests find out that you’re under stress or duress. Keep the negative comments about the catering staff to yourself and store away complaints about your better half so that they can be used another time. If you’re feeling really stressed out, all you need to do is take a few deep breaths. This should help you feel at ease.

Allow guests to do the honors

There are some guests who love to open that wine bottle. You can always find guests who have been placed in charge of opening the wine bottle at a party. If one of your guests offers help in opening the bottle, never refuse his or her help. Make sure that you also have things like napkins and wine openers handy. It might be worth your while to get different guests to do the honors. While serving wine for your guests, never pour a glass for yourself. Make sure that you always pick up the last glass of wine.

Holiday dishes

Do the dishes later

Don’t start with the dishes until the moment after your last guest walks out of your house. It might be OK to carry the appetizer plates to your kitchen and to clear off the table, but never do the dishes during the party. Always stay present around the table and make sure that you focus on entertaining your guests. The clean up headaches are best dealt with after the party.

Clear out the counter top and the sink

Vine Vera advises you to use things like a spare tub, a dishwasher or an empty oven to hide away the clutter caused by serving pieces until you actually need them. Cluttered counter tops and sinks look kind of messy and that’s not the impression that you want to create. 

Kids eating desserts during Christmas holidays

Try to use another part of your house for the dessert

Instead of directly serving desserts right after dinner, ask your guests whether they would like to have an after-dinner drink. You can always brew a pot of coffee and offer your guests with some hot chocolate. The best way to do this is to invite your guests to another part of your house like the outdoor patio or the living room. If you do choose to relocate outdoors, make sure that you have plenty of blankets and a fire set up. It always creates an excellent impression when you serve the last course away from the dining table.

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