Host and Hostess Gifts from Vine Vera

Host and Hostess Gifts from Vine Vera

When showing up to a party, it’s commonplace to bring something of a small gift to the host and hostess for their generosity. Sometimes, it can be difficult to gauge what to get for someone, especially if you don’t quite know their taste in décor, food, and wine. Vine Vera Giveaways would like to introduce some ideas to you that you can use when you attend your next party, while thinking outside the box, to show a token of your appreciation to the host and hostess.

Cheese and cracker try

Cheese and Cracker Tray

Subtle but nice, cheese and crackers are adored by nearly everyone. There are various styles of trays in which you could purchase that look absolutely fabulous and taste great to boot, and there are also themes within the packaging for nearly every Holiday. It might be best to stick to best loved favorites such as butter crackers and cheddar cheese, or a cheese spread, rather than something which could be off-putting or intimidating by the host in terms of smell or flavor. Stick to the basics, and you can’t go wrong.


Wine Pearls

Wine pearls are a fantastic variation to actually buying a bottle of wine – unless, of course, you know the specific type and brand of wine your host/hostess adores. Wine pearls are an innovative way to keep the glass of any guest attending chilled at a perfect temperature rather than using ice, which can water down the wine and make it seem flavorless and dull. Wine pearls simply sit in the freezer and freeze up like ice cubes, and once frozen can be added to any glass of wine to keep the glass perfectly chilled for up to 30 minutes.

Chrismas coffee with baubles and gifts on old table.


Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. While it may seem miniscule, it’s a warm gesture and can be presented in any number of ways. To make something from the heart with the coffee you would like to gift, turn a regular, ordinary mason jar into something spectacular by personalizing the jar with the names of the host/hostess, and adding whole bean coffee to lock in the flavor. Use bows to match the season or event, and voila – a perfect host/hostess gift that says, “Thinking of you”.


Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are not only fashionable and cute, they also serve a purpose. These charms are all unique and provide each party guest with the ability to locate their wine glass based on the charm’s design. A brilliant idea for any party, wine glass charms are useful and will be much appreciated.


Keep it Simple

Finding the perfect host/hostess gift really isn’t rocket science. It’s more about thinking of what you think the host or hostess would like, and putting a personal spin on it somehow, some way. Perhaps try to find out what the person in question has a liking for, and work off of that. Keep it simple, and you’re sure to please.

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