Hot Trends In Men’s Skincare

Hot Trends In Men’s Skincare

In this age of modern families and metrosexuality, the odds of coming home and finding a male relative exploring the art of skincare is getting more and more likely. And after all, why shouldn’t men take every opportunity they get to look good? As they say, what’s good for the goose…

Let’s take a look at how the men in your life should care for their skin.

Men’s Facials
According to Patrick Chan CEO at Ling Skincare in Manhattan, more and more male clients are checking out their facility. Chan says, “It’s more accepted now.” However, he did notice one request stood out among his male clients. “….men always inquire on the menu, where’s the man’s facial?.” So, Chan sought out to remedy the situation by creating one.

The Gentleman’s CEO Facial pulls out all the stops. The 120-minute treatment consists of a deep clean, a neck, face, and shoulder massage, an oxygenating mask, enzyme exfoliation, extraction, infrared, energy exposure, and a charcoal mask.

Heyday is another Manhattan facial shop, specializing in a more efficient 50-minute version of the facial treatment. Co-founder Michael Pollack estimates that 20 percent of his clientele is male, double that of most spas. He says the decision to attract more male customers was conscientious. “We kind of knew that if we built the brand in a way that was gender neutral, we could capture more men. We’ve all been done a disservice by spa imagery.”

Fred Goudy, lead esthetician at Bliss Spa in Chicago says, “Bliss was never intended to be a pink palace where men weren’t welcome. It’s always been that place to bring your boyfriend or husband.” He explains how founder Marcia Kilgore changed the name of the spa’s famous Triple Oxygen Facial to Homme Improvement Facial in the hopes of attracting more men. Says Goudy, “She was trying to encourage men to get facials, so she took out Triple Oxygen Facial and just renamed it.”

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New Products
It appears men’s skin care is not just a salon phenomenon. The trend is hitting home as well. Here are some new products that are bringing the experience to the medicine cabinet.

The All In One
The all-in-one is meeting the needs of men who prefer to keep their daily grooming simple. This maintainer is designed for men in their 30’s and 40’s and combines emulsion with the functions of a lotion to keep skin smooth and firm using aloe vera and prune extract to help skin maintain its youthful appearance.

CC cream
CC Cream with SPF is aimed at both inner and outer skin care, providing 24-hour protection from the sun, while hydrating skin, brightening skin tone, decreasing the production of sebum and the appearance of wrinkles to deliver a healthy complexion.

Anti-Shine Formula
This is a treatment targeted to eliminate surface oil for shine free, clear skin while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores, clearing them of debris, and excess oil.

Beard Control
Men with unruly beards rejoice. Beard control formulas condition, style, and smooth, providing a light hold and natural feel.

What do you think of the men’s beauty trend? Too cool or too weird? Let us know!

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