How to Choose the Right Night Cream for You

How to Choose the Right Night Cream for You

Night creams have an important place in skincare practices, because they get to work their magic while you sleep, meaning they have (hopefully) seven to nine uninterrupted hours of dark, peaceful and more-or-less motionless rest, with no harsh winds, air pollution, or sweating to interfere with their processes. This means that they can contain heavier formulas and ingredients like retinol, which degrade in sunlight. They also don’t need to contain a sunscreen, meaning other ingredients get a chance to penetrate and work more efficiently.

Considering how useful night creams can be to your overall skin condition and skin health, it’s incredibly important to choose one that works well for you, because a night cream can really make or break your skincare routine.

That said, there are a lot of choices to consider, and it can be a daunting task to choose something so quintessential and influential when you may or may not be entirely sure what you’re looking at. Thankfully, Vine Vera is there to guide your hand through the important process of selecting your ideal night cream.

Consider Your Skin Type
One of the biggest variables to take note of when selecting an ideal night cream is your skin type. Just as with any skincare or makeup practices, your skin type makes a huge difference regarding what night cream will work best for you.

Oily and Combination
If you have oily or combination skin, you’ll want to stay away from overly heavy or greasy night creams. Your night cream can be a bit heavier than your day cream, but don’t overdo it and go for medium-weight at most. Do make sure that your cream is still moisturizing, though, and that it’s designed to keep your skin at a healthy oil level. For this, Vine Vera’s Merlot night cream works wonderfully.

If you have dry skin, go for a moisture-replenishing cream with regeneration-boosting properties that will stimulate your skin to repair itself more efficiently and keep it hydrated.

If your skin is sensitive and/or prone to conditions like eczema or rosacea, you’ll want to take care to avoid any night creams with alcohol of any kind, be wary of other potential irritants like paraben and the like, and if possible opt for a cream that includes calming ingredients, such as chamomile, aloe, zinc and others. One night cream that is great for sensitive skin is Vine Vera’s very own Pinot Noir night cream.

Other Considerations
Besides your skin type, another thing to think about when selecting a night cream is what issues and problems you’re trying to correct for. For instance, if you have lots of wrinkles that you’re self-conscious about, and/or a general tendency of your skin to sag, you’ll want your night cream jam-packed with firming ingredients, like argan oil, castor oil, or pomegranate oil.

If you have a lot of fine lines and/or discoloration, then you need a night cream with a strong anti-aging effect, so look to antioxidant rich creams. Nearly all of Vine Vera’s night creams contain a heaping helping of the antioxidant resveratrol, so there are lots to pick from that fit that particular bill.

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