How to Pull Off Mixed Prints

How to Pull Off Mixed Prints

Celebs like Taylor Swift and Emma Stone make mixed prints look super chic and super easy, but it can seem quite intimidating to try this trend without the help of a stylist. You don’t need to lust after these looks, you can create them yourself. To try this trend confidently all you need is a bit of guidance and a lot of attitude. Check out these five tips to find out how you can pull off mixed prints.

Find a Star Piece
The first step in deciding what items to pair is to define what the “star” piece of your outfit is going to be. You want to go bold for this item because it is going to serve as the main focal point of the outfit and it is going to be the piece that determines what other clothing pieces or accessories you wear.

Try Two Prints
Layering prints is such a trend that it can become an amalgam of three or four prints per outfit. If you’re a bit unsure about whether or not you can pull off mixed prints (yes, you can), then start by picking out two prints. One of the easiest mixed print combos to master is polka dots with stripes. Choose black and white items like a white and black striped shirt and a small white polka dot pattern black skirt, then add a colorful clutch or heels to complete the look.

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Use a Color Family
Another way to ease into the mixed prints trend is to pick a color family to work with. Choosing to pair prints in the same color category makes it a bit easier to blend your look well, while still making a statement. If the two pieces you plan on mixing don’t share a color family, look for background shades like gray, navy, black or white to add cohesion to your clothing.

Keep Print Scale in Mind
If you pick one large and loud print, the easiest way to mix it is to use a piece that features a smaller print. As we mentioned above, a thick striped t-shirt with a small polka dot pattern skirt is an incredibly easy way to mix prints. If you use two large prints or two small prints together, the look can seem a bit less intentional, so it’s best to use the one big, one small rule.

Accessorize Accordingly
Wearing mixed prints does not eliminate accessorizing, in fact wearing mixed prints actually works best with the right accessories. Because your clothing is the statement piece (or pieces) of your look, using accessories that feature solid colors helps pull your look together without being overwhelming. Choosing solid colors does not mean that you are limited to neutral colors. Pair your black and white prints with a daring red heel or a hot pink clutch to add a bit of fun to the outfit.

Mixing prints can definitely seem totally intimidating and overwhelming at first, but once you have the basics down it’s a cinch to create virtually endless looks using printed items in your wardrobe. Experiment with different color families, change up your accessories or use bolder prints like leopard or floral as your “star” piece. The right attitude is the last step to pulling off mixed prints, so be confident in yourself because you most definitely look great!

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