Hydration Theories Don’t Stand Up – Vine Vera Reviews

Hydration Theories Don’t Stand Up – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera recently spent a lot of time trying to unlock the secrets to healthy eating. We have often heard theories which ask us to pay attention to what we eat as well as ensure that our bodies remain hydrated. Numerous experts have stressed on the importance of consuming water at frequent intervals. The arguments that support these propositions are simple: water helps to reverse the water deficiency, which in turn, gives the skin a plumped up look, helps out with digestion, improves kidney and liver functions and proves to be beneficial for all sorts of diseases such as allergies, asthma and cancer. Vine Vera tried to examine these theories to determine just how much importance hydration holds in our everyday lives.

The main issue that needs to be focused on when one talks about hydration is whether drinking more water can offer any benefits to the skin or the body. It is common to drink water when we’re thirsty, but as we grow old, our thirst levels are also bound to decrease. So do people need the same amount of water in their old age, irrespective of whether they’re thirsty or not? Vine Vera scoured through the net for studies which portray the benefits of additional water, but we didn’t find any theory that was really convincing.

Vine Vera came across a study that was published in Volume 26 of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in the year 2007. This study conducted a meta-analysis of the effects of hydration on diseases. The preamble of this study warned against the ill-effects of dehydration, but also warned against the over-consumption of water. Furthermore, most of the information that has been published on the importance of hydration has been done keeping heat syndromes and athletes in mind. Experts are still undecided on how to best deal with volume and water loss in athletes and people exposed to a lot of heat, but it is quite evident that the balance of salt and water in the body gets disturbed when someone drinks too much of water.

If people base their assumptions on the information that is available today, they might want to pay attention to hydrating themselves even when they’re not thirsty. This is particularly important when someone is pregnant, diabetic, frail or has suffered from kidney stones.

In other words, tackling the water issue aggressively isn’t the solution to healthy skin and optimal health. What is even more worrying is that most people are so convinced that they need to be drinking water all the time that they often end up drinking too much water.

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