Italian Beauty Secrets

Italian Beauty Secrets

When we say think of things to be grateful for this holiday season, the creation of Italians should be on the top of our list. Let’s face it. Italians have been putting the ‘X’ in sexy from the time Sophia Loren hit the silver screen in the late 1950’s. And while we’re on the giving thanks, let’s not forget how much richer our lives are for having celebs like Madonna, Marisa Tomei, Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Travolta in it? So what is it about the Italian men and women? Is it something in the food? Or maybe the flowing wine? Or is it just those hot-blooded Italian genes? We letting you in on some Italian beauty secrets.

Love Food
Maybe you find it hard to believe by looking at Elisabeth Canalis, but mealtimes in Italy are a big deal. Classic Italian meals are generally long -drawn out affairs spent appreciating family and food, and is a big part of why the Italians always look so healthy.

Garlic for Pimples
There’s certainly no lack of garlic in and Italian kitchen, so it seems natural that Italian women might incorporate some into the beauty routine as well. Garlic has antiseptic qualities that kill bacteria in pimples and reduce swelling. It might sting a bit, but that would never stop Robert DeNiro from using it on his blemishes, now would it?

Use Yogurt on Sensitive Skin
Ask your nanna what she puts on her sensitive skin and she will undoubtedly emerge from the kitchen with a bowl of plain yogurt and mashed avocados. It’s a wonderfully soothing moisturizer for irritated skin And you know your nanna knows best.

olive oil

Believe in Olive Oil
Apparently, it is something in the food, but Italian women do a lot more with olive oil than cook. Sophia Lauren uses it on her hair, in her bath, and to moisturize her skin. If you sniffed supermodel Jeri Hall’s locks, you would probably find them fragrant with the stuff as well. Olive oil is full of antioxidants to fight aging, and there is almost no wrong way to use it. Most Italian women forego supplement form and apply or consume the stuff directly from the bottle.

One can hardly talk about fashion without mentioning a great Italian. From Prada to Versacci, from Armani to Giuseppe Zannoti, Italy has been the center of fashion revolution through the ages.

Vivi La Vita Al Massimo
Perhaps one of the greatest Italian beauty secrets is their ability to “Vivi la vita massimo,” or live life to the fullest! So don’t obsess over the little things, let loose and have fun! Ciao for now and if you have some Italian beauty secrets, we love to hear them.

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