“Longevity Book” by Cameron Diaz

“Longevity Book” by Cameron Diaz

If there’s anyone who represents the idea of graceful aging, Cameron Diaz takes the prize. She’s now sharing her secrets and educated opinions with the rest of the world through her book, The Longevity Book, along with her co-author Sandra Bark. Diaz describes the book as an explanation of the science of getting older. She wanted to find a way to empower women through knowledge and show them how to embrace the art of aging instead of spending their energy being over concerned with the thoughts and judgments of a youth-obsessed society.

Anyone who has accepted that a true fountain of youth is simply a wishful thought can benefit from this book, which focuses on some interesting and infrequently discussed topics, including the following.

Aging is Natural and Healthy
Diaz doesn’t focus on anti-aging fads or treatments. Instead, she focuses on showing women how to take control over the aging process. She wants to empower women by teaching them that aging is not a sign of failure. There’s no reason to feel ashamed or hide from the world. Instead, aging should be embraced and handled in a graceful and proper manner. She points out that one should feel lucky to spend more years of their life classified as older rather than younger. One can either spend their older years focused on the fact that they will never be classified as young again or instead, embrace the older years and enjoy them.

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Anxiety Doesn’t Have to Be Part of the Process
Diaz points out that one of the main reasons that there is so much negative energy surrounding aging is because people don’t understand the science behind aging. There is an association of fear with certain numbers representing age. This isn’t because people expect their physical health to suddenly decline but because it is assumed that emotional quality of life declines with age, even though most people would say that the opposite is true.

Society is also, as a whole, getting used to the idea of aging. Not so long ago, the average age that humans live to be today would be impossible. For most generations, aging has never been an issue because it simply didn’t happen. Diaz points out that this is a wonderful problem, if it can be called that, to have.

How to Be Good to the Female Body
Diaz doesn’t spend her entire book focusing on just the mental aspect of aging. She also focuses on what the female body really needs to remain healthy from the inside out. Rather than focusing on trends that are more beauty-oriented than science based, a large portion of the book is dedicated to proven ways to keep the body health, which in turn creates the ideal aging environment.

In The Longevity Book, read cutting-edge research focused on the science behind aging backed up by interviews with medical experts and some great anecdotes from Diaz herself. It’s possible to stop fearing age and instead embrace it in a controlled manner, all fueled by knowledge.

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