Look and Feel Sexy In The Last Days of Summer

Look and Feel Sexy In The Last Days of Summer

So summer is winding down. Didn’t get the bikini body you were aiming for this year? Still sporting the cover-ups to the beach? Didn’t get the supermodel two-inch thigh gap you craved? Abs more lot a washout than a washboard? So what? You’re still gorgeous, fun, funny, vibrant, and everyone whose worth caring about thinks so. So what have you got to be unhappy about? You’ve got to get out and grasp those last days of summer like their last ones on earth, and here are some ladies who can teach you how to do it.

Every Body Is A Beach Body
Even with the body positivity movement, the swimsuit is still one of the most anxiety causing items in the wardrobe. That’s why the ladies internet is responding to the photoshopped Baywatch bodies with the meme: “The beach is gonna get whatever body I give it.” With 83,601 retweets and 215,138 likes, it seems clear that the beach is clearly outnumbered on this one. So come out to the beach and bring it.

Wearing Shorts Is My Act Of Rebellion
Anne Roderique-Jones is fed up with girls moaning about their “cottage cheese” thighs. She is done with letting the cellulite on her thighs prevented her from wearing certain dresses, shorts, and making her crop her legs from photos. Cellulite affects more than 90% of women after puberty, so why be ashamed of it? The answer is, you can’t be. Be like Anne, and go full force by buying yourself some shorts. According to Anne, “No one pointed fingers at my thighs, and a few people complimented my outfit. And you know what else? Shorts feel glorious when it’s 95 degrees outside.”

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She Loves Her Unibrow
When Scarlett Costello was growing up, her mom always told her it was good to have thick eyebrows, but when she began modeling, she started to wax her unibrow. That is, until her agency, Ford Paris, told her to let it grow out again. Even though she’s had a few haters, she credits her unique look with snagging her a feature in Interview magazine, “the biggest job (she’s) ever gotten.” What does Scarlett think of her unibrow? “I started to think I looked better with it. The confidence of embracing natural beauty is what makes it great.”

Plus Sized Woman Becomes Own Personal Trainer
When Lauretta Johnnie sought to find a personal trainer, she “couldn’t find an instructor who would train her the way I wanted to be trained,” she took matters into her own hands. She recalls that when she first went to the gym, she could barely fit in the bathroom stalls, a problem she blames on the negligence of gyms to cater to heavier women. She started FullFigure Fitness to challenge the “stereotypes of fitness’ and “encourage plus size people to share their stories.” “For me,” she says, “body positivity means looking after your body, being healthy, being fit, being proud of who you are.”

Hot Moms Come In All Shapes and Sizes
Tess Holliday is not shy. Her Instagram photos show the plus sized model lounging in bed covered only by a thin sheet, her long nails poised seductively under her pouting lips, her thick hair tossed across the pillow. The caption reads, “Gentle reminder to myself that as a mom, I deserve to feel sexy and desired. Fat women and moms are robbed of our sexuality, so I’m here to tell you to stop that, OK?”

How are you celebrating yourself this summer? Let us know! We love to hear from you!

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