Mobile Phone Radiation and Wrinkles

Mobile Phone Radiation and Wrinkles

At this year’s Net Gala, Anna Wintour, notorious editor in chief of Vogue Magazine banned the taking of selfies, issuing a notice to attendees that, “It has solely to do with the guests’ security and enjoyment of the event.”

It may be no surprise that this was not met with the best reception from a lot of the guests.  How would selfie queen Kim Kardashian resist snapping a pic of herself with hubby Kanye at the Met Gala?  Needless to say, this rule was taken lightly by many of the guests, as is evidenced by the appearance of pics of said rule breakers on Instagram and Twitter accounts the next day. Most say the exact reason for the ban was unclear, but could it be that Wintour’s guests might have a reason to thank her?

The Argument
According to a recent indications, dermatologists have cause to believe  that the electromagnetic radiation from Smartphones may be damaging to the skin’s DNA  causing premature wrinkles. Zein Obagi, founder of the OBagi Skin Health Institute in Beverly Hills says, “Your cell phone will damage your skin.  It is not documented, but I can tell for sure whether someone uses their right or left hand to hole their phone,  In my clinical observation, I can see dull, dirty-looking textures on the side of the exposed part.” (Are you checking your hands right now?)

Apparently, cell phones emit radio frequency, which is a non-ionizing radiation from antennas. Tissues nearest  the antenna can absorb the radiation, which is known to cause skin aging and wrinkles. Simon Zokaei,medical director of Linia Skin Clinic in London says,” It’s high time that bloggers and selfie addicts have something to be worried about.  Even the blue color from the screen causes damage to our skin.”

However, Justin Ko, MD, Director of Medical dermatology at Stanford Health Care says, “There isn’t much evidence to links cell phones with premature aging or cancer.  This is a different wavelength than UV rays from the sun…and no conclusive…evidence has been found to say non-ionizing radiation leads to an increase in skin cancer.”

Avoiding Damage
But before you decide to snap that selfie, keep in mind that even if phones do not cause premature aging from radiation, there are other dangers linked to be aware of,Ko does warn that long-term use of cell phones can cause tissue heating which can turn into a skin rash called erythema ab igne or EAI and also warns that holding a phone to your face could cause wrinkles or acne due to high concentration of bacteria associated with the surface of cell phones.  Ko recommends trying a hands-free unit which will separate the antenna from the brain, skin, or radio frequency emitting source.  Dr. Amy Pelmutter,MD, warns of neck wrinkles caused by looking down at our phones and squinting and recommends taking breaks from scrolling and trying to keep your back upright.

So, back to Wintour. Should her guests rail against the Vogue fashionista or should we thank her for her intuition? It’s not clear, but one thing is:  if we keep taking selfies, we soon may not want to take them anymore.

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