Moisturize Without Looking Oily

Moisturize Without Looking Oily

So it’s a warm Saturday night and you and all your b.f.f.s are partying and having the best time! You’re all dressed to the nines and your getting tons of attention and you all agree that you must capture the moment with a group selfie. You take your camera out, point it at yourself and your crew. Poses are struck and – SNAP! – history is made. Quickly you look at the results. Oh no! “Let me see! Let me see!” chime your friends.

“No,” you reply, pressing the camera protectively to your chest. They persist, but, after a while, realize that you are deadly serious and no one is going to see that photo tonight, or ever. You run to the girl’s bathroom to delete it and look in the mirror wondering if your skin is really as shiny as it came out in that photo.

Do you often find yourself filtering your selfies to tone down the glow of your skin? If your skin tends toward oily, you probably often struggle between keeping your skin moisturized without looking greasy. Here are some ways to maintain the balance.

1. Oil-Free Moisturizer
While oils can make very effective moisturizers, if your skin seems to be producing enough oil on its own, you may want to go the oil-free route. You can apply oils at night to get the benefits and wear an oil-free lightweight moisturizer during the day to avoid the excess shine.

2. Apply A Matte Primer
Even if a greasy skin is not a year round problem for you, you may want to add a mattifying primer to your summer routine. The best primers tone down the shine and contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid for extra hydration. You can apply the primer as a treatment directly on the skin to blur the appearance of pores or pat over your makeup for that airbrushed look.

You may also want to replace those heavy moisturizers and creams with lightweight serums. Serums are water based as opposed to oil based, like most thick creams and skin absorbs it more easily. The result? No more pore clogging creams sitting on your face.

4. Avoid Over-Moisturizing
It can be difficult to determine just how much product to apply, but as a general rule of thumb, a dime-sized amount should suffice. Exceeding that amount will only lend to that slick appearance you are trying to avoid. Start with a small amount and work it into your skin until it is absorbed. Add more if needed.

5.Use A Matte Sunscreen
Sometimes sunscreen seems to add so much shine to your face that it’s tempting to leave it off, but for every problem, there is a solution. Nowadays there are a variety of matte finish formulas available for you to choose from. Don’t expect them to mattify the skin completely, but you can count on them to blend well and leave a smooth finish, as opposed to non-matte formulas.

We’d love to hear how you or someone you know got out of a greasy situation. Let us know what worked for you- or didn’t.

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