Most Stylish Celebs of 2015

Most Stylish Celebs of 2015

2015 may have been the year of the supermodel, but there were plenty of other celebrities that made headlines with their incredible style. Check out the most stylish celebs of 2015 below.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid’s dream of walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show became a reality this year and that was just the cherry on top for this 20-year-old model. Hadid also became a Maybelline brand ambassador, walked in 17 fashion shows and landed five separate Vogue covers. She shows no signs of slowing down in 2016 and will launch a capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger.

Kendall Jenner
Jenner became a huge celebrity in her own right this year as she took over the modeling world along with besties Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift. Kendall walked for some of the biggest fashion houses this year including Chanel and Marc Jacobs, and she also earned a coveted spot on the Victoria’s Secret runway for their annual show.

The Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge remains one of the world’s most visible and fashionable women. Kate wears some of the world’s most incredible one-of-a-kind dresses and jewels, but she can also rock jeans and a cotton top with the same effortless elegance. Surely the mother of two will continue to rule the fashion world in 2016.

The Voice judge is no stranger to fashion and he continues to impress with his ever evolving fashion choices. Pharrell was named CDFA Fashion Icon and has the most unique, yet completely cool personal style.

Kirsten Stewart.

Jaguar PS /

Kristen Stewart
When Karl Lagerfeld admires your style and look, you know you’re doing something right. Kristen Stewart has enjoyed a year of high fashion including opening a Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week and being cast by Lagerfeld himself in a short film about the legendary Coco Chanel.

David Beckham
With Victoria Beckham as your wife, it would be hard not to make some best-dressed lists. Beckham continues to be one of the world’s most well-dressed sports stars and he looks just as comfortable in a tux as he did in his Manchester United uniform.

Harry Styles
British Fashion Award winner Harry Styles is not afraid to take risks when it comes to his looks. The One Direction heartthrob is no stranger to the red carpet, but his daily look is the epitome of casual cool.

Jaden Smith
Whether or not you like Jaden Smith’s choice of outfits, the teen is certainly not shy when it comes to exploring the world of fashion. Recently, Smith became the face of Louis Vuitton and has gotten tons of attention and praise for being so gender fluid when it comes to his wardrobe.

This list is certainly not exhaustive when it comes to the most stylish celebs of 2015 because this year was an incredible one for the fashion world. The stars and celebs on this list aren’t just some of the most stylish celebs, but they’re iconic when it comes to the fashion world of 2015.

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