Need More Vitamin C? Try Hugging a Loved One – Vine Vera Reviews

Need More Vitamin C? Try Hugging a Loved One – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera has constantly stressed on the importance of overall well-being for healthy and beautiful looking skin. A proper skin care regimen that incorporates the right products is essential, but a proper regimen is not enough on its own. You cannot protect your skin through one aspect of your lifestyle and damage it with something else. What you need to do is concentrate on your overall well-being. This means that things like regular exercise, a balanced and healthy diet, a stress-free lifestyle, and adequate sleep are equally important to ensuring that your skin stays young and flawless.

Turns out that there is yet another aspect that many of us have been ignoring for far too long. Recent studies have confirmed that positive emotions also play a huge role in determining our skin health. Vine Vera came across a study conducted by researchers working for the Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

According to this study, hugs could be as effective as vitamin C when it comes to our health. You’re probably all too aware of the importance of vitamin C in your day-to-day life. This is one vitamin that your body just can’t get enough of. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about vitamin C overdose either. The benefits of vitamin C are many. Right from preventing a cold to offering antioxidant protection to your skin.

Turns out that hugs could also offer similar benefits. You might believe that hugging people would make you more vulnerable and susceptible to germs, but new research shows that hugging someone you love creates a warm buzz which usually comes from feeling physically connected to others. This also helps in keeping you healthy.

In this study, researchers infected 404 volunteers with a cold virus and sent them on their way. Those who had a healthy support system through their family or friends experienced less severe symptoms, irrespective of the kind of stress they had to deal with in their daily lives. Researchers believe that hugs received and hugs given were responsible for close to one-thirds of the protection from the virus. Hugs that were given for no reason were found to be the most effective.

According to Sheldon Cohen, the lead researcher of this study, the protective effects of hugs could be directly attributed to physical contact or to the fact that hugging brings about a sense of intimacy and mental support. This allowed those who received more hugs to be better protected from the cold virus.

Researchers also tested out this theory with mothers, considering that they get the most number of hugs, courtesy their kids. Close to 48% of the 795 patients who had one or two kids and were administered with nose drops, were less likely to get sick than those who didn’t have children. And parents who had three or more kids were 61% less likely to get sick.

So the next time you’re looking for something to boost your looks, don’t go about changing your skin care products. Be patient with them and give them the time they need to bring about a difference. Instead, concentrate on other aspects of your life, such as better diet, less stress, proper sleep and regular exercise. And if this seems to be too much of an effort, a hug would be a great place to start!

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