Best Night Cream Ingredients

Best Night Cream Ingredients

We’ve already established that night creams are a pretty important part of your skincare routine, and that they’re useful because—among several other reasons—they can contain ingredients that wouldn’t work very well in the daytime. As such, you might imagine that a big factor in terms of what night cream you should use would be the distinct ingredients that separate them from day creams.

As such, today Vine Vera will be discussing a variety of great night cream ingredients to keep an eye out for, what they do, and why they’re so great.

You’ve doubtless heard of retinol and its many merits time and time again, but we would be quite remiss not to mention this super-powered skincare ingredient, which just so happens to be best applied at night.

Retinol is one of the multiple forms of the essential nutrient known as vitamin A. Taken internally, it supplies a necessary compound our body needs to survive and thrive. Applied topically to the skin, it has a variety of beneficial effects, and can be used to vastly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other discolorations, and to make the skin generally soft, smooth, and clear. That said, too much can cause a severe reaction and turn your skin a bright scarlet as well as cause serious itching, but at concentrations within your tolerance, it will work wonders.

Retinol degrades in sunlight, fairly quickly breaking down and losing potency. This, of course, makes it ideal night cream material, and you can find a variety of night creams that include retinol.

By this point we should all be pretty well-aware that antioxidants are more or less the skincare world’s fountain of youth, but they deserve a mention in this list because—while they’re certainly effective in the daytime too—antioxidants can really shine at night, making them quintessential as a night cream ingredient.

Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress on your cells by keeping free radicals from forming through oxidation reactions, thus protecting your cells from damage and malformation, keeping them clear and healthy. Oxidation reactions occur when oxygen is metabolized, and considering nighttime is when most of your cellular regeneration happens, protecting cells as they form and multiply at higher rates may have an overall very positive effect on your skin and body, making night creams with antioxidants (like pretty much any of Vine Vera’s night creams) highly valued.

Regenerative Ingredients and Moisture
Okay, so this one isn’t just one specific ingredient, but we felt it was important to include a mention of the importance of using ingredients in night creams that will aid in cellular regeneration. Certain algae extracts are believed to improve cellular regeneration rates, and getting protein-rich creams will give your skin the building blocks it needs to repair and regenerate your skin.

Moisture retention is highly important for this, too. Water is consumed when your body regenerates cells, so making your face plenty moist before bed will give your skin the water it needs to repair and regenerate itself without drying out. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are fantastic for this purpose, because they attract water from the air and can hold large amounts of moisture like a polymer.

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