Once A Month Skin Care Routine

Once A Month Skin Care Routine

Chances are, you have your daily skin care routine down to a science. You know what needs to be done and when, and you are able to get through the routine without a second thought. However, you probably pay less attention to those things that you should be doing weekly or monthly to keep your skin in great health. Below, find out three of the most important things you can do for your skin once a month.

Skin Checks
The National Institute on Aging recommends that you check the skin of your entire body once a month to look for things that may be skin cancer. Not sure what to look for? The National Institute of Aging says to look for the “ABCDEs” every month:

  • Asymmetry – check to see if growths are symmetrical. If one-half looks different than the other half, make a note.
  • Border – Check the border of any growth and track any borders that appear irregular.
  • Color – Look to see if any growths or marks have changed color, or if there is more than one color present in any mark or growth.
  • Diameter – In general, skin care experts recommend that you have anything larger than a pencil-sized eraser checked out.
  • Evolving – If you notice any growths that have changed in size, shape, color or if new symptoms are present with the growth (bleeding, dryness, itching), you should head to your doctor and have things checked out.

Professional Facials
Exfoliating, face masks and facial massage are all things you can do more frequently than once a month, but skin care experts recommend splurging on a monthly professional facial. There are several reasons why you should head to a professional:

  • Extractions – Extracting blackheads or whiteheads are a part of the process for many facials and this is definitely best left to the professionals. Sure, you can squeeze your zits at home, but professional aestheticians and dermatologists are trained to know which pores can and can’t be messed with and how exactly to extract clogs. Doing this on your own can cause the pore size and shape to become distorted, resulting in larger pores.
  • Exfoliation – You should definitely be exfoliating your skin more than once a month, but a professional will be able to get a deeper exfoliation than you can at home.
  • Massage – Of course you can give yourself a facial massage, but doesn’t it always feel better when a professional pampers you? In addition to feeling luxurious, facial massage relaxes muscles in the face and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles.

Deep Clean Brushes
Makeup brushes are invaluable tools that help make your face look flawless on a daily basis, but they are often used and tossed to the side. Most women don’t wash their makeup brushes as often as they should, and if you’re among this group, it’s time to break this habit. Every week, wash your foundation, concealer or powder brushes because these can harbor bacteria leading to skin problems like breakouts. Brushes you use for your eye makeup should be washed every two weeks, and other miscellaneous brushes need to be washed monthly. Quick-clean formulas in the form of sprays or wipes are incredibly convenient, but they don’t offer as much cleaning as your brushes really need. Once a month, grab all of your brushes and give every single one a good deep cleaning to remove excess makeup, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and serves as the first line of protection against illness, infections and environmental threats. Taking good care of your skin helps your skin take great care of you. Practice these once a month skin care routines for healthier, happier skin.

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