Real Fixes For Thinning, Puckering and Time Sucking

Real Fixes For Thinning, Puckering and Time Sucking

Ah, the ugly side of beauty. The waxing, facial hair, shaving, sweating, tweezing, spanxing; the part that we try to leave in the bathroom and get through the day without acknowledging. No woman should have to disclose what happens in the privacy of her own lav, but what happens if she has questions about them? Who can she turn to without revealing that she might be somehow less than perfect? Well, assuming there are those who would rather not ask, we’ll just tell. Here are some of the ways for dealing with the less than the beautiful side of beauty.

Thinning Brows
Thinning brows can result from hormonal issues or heredity, or they may just be part of the natural aging process. The drug Latisse is an FDA approved drug for the growth of eyelashes, and it works on brows too. The only problem is that it may take a little longer to see results on brows that to see results on lashes. Since the skin on the eyebrows is thicker than the skin around your lashes, you may have to hold out beyond the standard two or three weeks it takes to see the thickening in the lashes to see a real change in your brows.

Loose Skin
Even if you protect yourself from the sun diligently, your facial fat and collagen levels will decrease over the years, causing the skin to become slack. While firming creams and lotions, may produce temporary improvements, Joel Schlessinger, MD says the only way to really get your skin tight is with the uses of fillers and fat injections. So if you really want to say ‘goodbye’ to sageness, it’s time to say ‘hello’ to the dermatologist.

Upper Lip Lines
Even if you’ve never smoked, the unconscious habit of pursing your lips may be responsible for the skin puckering you’re noticing above them. Try to look for skin treatments with peptides, retinol, or collagen to tighten up the area. Collagen can reduce the lines, and hyaluronic acid may help hydration.

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Random Facial Hair
When women reach their 30s, estrogen levels decrease and androgens or “male” hormones increase, and stubborn hairs may start to become visible on the upper lip and chin. If these problems become extensive, you may want to discuss your options with your OB-GYN. She may be able to give you a prescription for birth control pills, or something else to regulate your hormones. However, it’s no big deal, dermatologist Jessica Wu says: pluck it! If you’ve got a few unwanted strays, wax ’em, thread ’em, or try laser hair removal for something more long term. Wu only warns against shaving, which can lead to ingrown hairs.

Looking Tired
If you just can’t seem to look well rested, no matter how well you sleep, it may be due to weakening skin and muscles. Over time, the skin and muscles around the eyes begin to slacken, causing the skin on your lower lids to sag and pool beneath your eye. If the puffiness is pretty much ever present, it may be the result of hereditary slipped fat pockets. If the puffiness is less consistent, it is more probably caused by the temporary accumulation of fluids from congested sinuses, too much salt, and the way you sleep.

While surgery called blepharoplasty may be the only solution for excess fat, the fluid accumulation can be avoided by sleeping on an extra pillow or applying cold compresses to the eyes for three minutes upon waking. Eye creams with anti-inflammatory properties can also be helpful. Mai Quynh, Los Angeles based makeup artist suggests looking for a product containing calendula and licorice for a more rested effect.

What are your ugly beauty problems and how do you deal with them? Let us know! We love to hear it.

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