Removing Excess Oil Without Drying Skin

Removing Excess Oil Without Drying Skin

It seemed like when you were in school, you could barely get guys to wash their faces, now it seems like you can’t turn on the computer without seeing ads for men’s facial wipes, cleansing brushes, and epilators. What happened? Either men suddenly realized that there was actually a way to keep those large sebaceous glands in check, or wives just needed a new idea for Father’s Day presents. Well, either way, skin care for men is a way for men to stay younger looking while cutting down on the oil production and looking good is a great way to get an edge in life. If you’re looking to get that extra advantage that comes from daily skin care, here are a few tips on facial cleansing, man-style.

Cream or Oil Cleanser
When it comes to cream vs. oil cleansers, most men go for the cream. Oil cleansers are usually richer than cream cleansers, you can actually let them sit for a few minutes before cleansing to let your skin absorb the moisture and nutrients, but they may be more difficult to use in the shower.

Targeted Cleansers
Some products are specially formulated to remove dirt build up, while others treat certain skin issues, like acne, oil, or sensitivity. It’s important that you know what your skin needs before buying any targeted products, which tend to cost more due to added ingredients.

Low Price
Sure, you usually get what you pay for, but buying an expensive product doesn’t necessarily mean you are buying something that will work better on your skin. You may find something very affordable that works perfectly for you, without the hefty price tag.

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Stick to What Works
It is said that men are fickle, but, unless the seasons are changing, there should be no reason to change your skincare routine. You may see a product that looks tempting, and it may work for you, but usually, there is no need to spend hard-earned money on a new product if you already like what you have.

Be sure to follow up cleansing with a moisturizer, twice a day. It will give your cells an extra defense against grime and toxins while providing them with nourishment and hydration to prevent signs of aging. All the better if it contains built-in SPF to ward off sun damage.

Twice a week, after the cleanser and before the moisturizer, use an exfoliating scrub to slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores, allowing healthy cells to replace the surface ones. Some exfoliators are gentler than others, but any good exfoliator should be able to do a good job, and gentler ones may be less irritating.

Masks are taking skin care to the next level, but you could think of them as a super cleanser, really deep cleaning pores to get those toxins and impurities out. You’ll feel the tingle as it dries on your face. No need to use more than twice a week, but remember to use a moisturizer after to rehydrate skin.

What do you think of male skin cleansing? Let us know whether you do it or not and why? We want to know!

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