Rotating Your Skincare Products

Rotating Your Skincare Products

Have you ever seen a movie with a rotating wall panel? A movie in which what seems to be an innocent bookshelf turns around to reveal a mysterious safe or doorway to another world or alternate universe? Do you ever wish your medicine cabinet could do that? That you could open your medicine cabinet and the shelves filled with all your summer beauty supplies would simply rotate and your autumn beauty supplies would magically appear on the other side? Although there may be such technologies available in today’s world of advancement, chances are you will have to do some restocking of the medicine cabinet as the seasons change. Here are some tips for rotating your summer and autumn beauty supplies manually.

Swap Tinted Moisturizer for Foundation
When the summer glow of naturally bronze skin begins to diminish, the visibility of skin flaws begins to increase. As that happens, it may be a good idea to replace your tinted moisturizer for a medium coverage foundation, which will conceal your imperfections and leave your skin tone even.

Blush Colors
As autumn comes the color palette enriches. Change out your coral pink blushes for dusty roses, and pinkish brown tones for fall. Experiment with rich berry tones for an extra pop of color.

Jewel Tones
While your trading in your pastel blushes for earth tones, you may want to do the same with your eyeshadows. Look for more dramatic colors like plumbs, forest greens, raspberries, and bronzes to welcome the fall season.

Rotating Your Skincare Products

Trade Nude Gloss For Fall Shades
If you’re a fan of the fresh faced look, it will work in fall, but the change of the seasons brings with it the opportunity to try out deeper colors as well, especially to avoid a washed out look when wearing darker colored clothes. Consider painting your lips with a dark red, burgundy, or plumb for a sexy cool weather approach.

Hair Glaze
While the natural highlight of summer can be very flattering, they can also leave hair dull and dry. A clear or colored glaze will brighten your locks and color to avoid the drying effects of the cooler weather on your hair’s luster.

Thicker Moisturizer
With cooler weather comes dry cracked skin. Get a thicker moisturizer, at least for night time use. You may consider one for the day, as well, although some may prefer a lighter weight moisturizer for daytime use.

Heavy Duty Lip Balm
As the air gets cooler, your lips get dryer. It may be a good time to break out the serious ammunition when it comes to lips. Preserve your pout with some goopy Vaseline or Aquaphor to keep your lips soft and lipstick ready.

Darker Nail Polish
While you can continue to rock the neons in the autumn, you may want to darken your manicure to match your eyes, lips, and hair. Use the seasonal change to explore your inner doppelgänger by painting on the dark reds, grays, browns, and even blacks.

How are you making your summer for autumn swaps this year? Let us know what your kicking out and bringing in to your fall makeup cache.

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