Serums Vs. Creams

Serums Vs. Creams

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the event of a lifetime! In the left hand corner, weighing in at about 1.5 ounces and sporting a blue container with a pump is The Serum! And in the left hand corner, weighing in at 1.7 ounces sporting the gold jar is The Eye Cream! May the best beauty Product win! Sometimes beauty talk can be confusing. We hear words like serum and eye cream being tossed around and assume that they’re all some kind of product that we apply to our face which will, hopefully, keep us looking young. The truth is that there is quite a bit of difference between the two and choosing which one is better for you may save you a lot of money and exasperating experimentation.

One of the main differences between serums and eye creams is their texture. Creams tend to have an oil base, whereas serums are usually water based. Sometimes, an oil based skin product will irritate skin or cause the clogging of pores. If your skin is already on the oily side, the skin creams with an oil base can leave skin shiny or greasy and may cause breakouts and you may find serums are more suitable. Serums, because of their water base, are easier for your skin to absorb resulting in better penetration. Those with dry skin, however, may find that the moisture level in serums is too low to deliver the care your skin requires, whereas the thicker ingredients in creams form a barrier on your skin that locks in moisture.

Target Areas
Compared to creams, serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients. This makes them better at targeting certain areas. If you are especially concerned, with sagging skin under the eye, puffiness and crow’s feet, the serum may be a better option. However, because of the ingredients, (Kojic acid and antioxidants) tend to be costlier, the serum will cost the consumer more. Creams work to moisturize the entire face. Because of this, they are usually intended for greater use than serums and therefore usually come in larger containers. Note that the directions for applying a cream may advise you to use a quarter sized amount, while serums may recommend applying only a drop or two in the affected area.

Bottom Line
Serums have 10-15 times the nutrients that creams do. Their purpose is to deposit these nutrients into the deep layers of your skin and help with collagen production and are recommended for anti aging. Creams don’t penetrate as well, but they do better with preventing moisture from escaping your body and also may offer ingredients that serums don’t. They also contain an SPF that serums don’t.

Use Both
Play the field. Beauty experts do! Apply serums first because they are quickly absorbed, leave minimal residue and can even help to prepare the face to receive the wrinkle cream. Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like with no definite winner, we will have to call a tie.

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