Simple Ways to Prep for Your Party – Vine Vera Reviews

Simple Ways to Prep for Your Party – Vine Vera Reviews

You have been planning a big summer bash with your friends for the past few months, but as time creeps by, and your party is fast approaching, you realize that you have absolutely no idea what to do, how to get party ready, or where to turn. VineVera has figured out a simple guide to help you get party ready, and we want to share that with you today to help make the party idea more fun and less work.

Party invite waiting to be filled.

Send Invites Ahead of Time
Sending out invites ahead of time will really help to make things easy. You can send out the invites yourself, either handwritten or typed and printed, or you can opt for hiring a service to take the leg work out of it for you. Your invites should incorporate all of the pertinent details regarding the party, such as the how, what, where, when and why. You should opt for at least two months in advance for a large scale party, or one month in advance for a smaller party. Ask that RSVP’s be sent no later than two weeks before party time to ensure you have enough food and seating for each guest.

Professional catering staff holding champagne in a party.

Hire Caterers
Hire a catering company to take the work out of cooking for your party. Although it can be a bit pricey, catering companies make the party atmosphere so much nicer, fancier, and less hassle and stress on you. Always plan for at least 5-8 more people in terms of food, as guests may bring other unexpected guests with them – and you wouldn’t want anyone to feel awkward when they arrive unannounced.

Simple party decorations

Keep it Simple
When it comes to picking out the theme and décor for the party, opt for something simple. If it’s a summer party, use sweet summer color schemes like pale yellow, white or gingham. If it’s a spring party, opt for floral décor, colorful balloons and utensils, and floral arrangements. Of course you want your party setting to look beautiful, but there is no need to go crazy. Don’t go overboard in trying to prepare, because after all – your guests are there to see you, have fun, and mingle – not dote over the décor. Be sure and have your décor figured out, decided upon and bought about 3 weeks in advance to your party to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Again, opt for 5-8 more table settings or plates/utensils to prepare for unexpected guests.

Friends listening to the radio in a summer bash.

Choose Your Entertainment Options
Whether you want to hire a karaoke DJ, a magician, a cover band, or have organized games at the party, be sure to have this well organized, booked or planned well in advance. When booking live entertainment, always be sure to put down a deposit and get a receipt for having done so. If you have the details worked out before sending out the invitations, be sure to make mention of the entertainment options on your party invitations which just may sway your guests’ minds and persuade them into attending.

Vine Vera Giveaway hopes this simple guide to getting party ready has helped you to excel at becoming a party planner, with these helpful tips you can use time and time again.

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