Simplifying Night Skincare

Simplifying Night Skincare

Your skin can take quite a beating during the daytime, even if you lead a relatively uneventful life; wind, exposure to pollution, sweat, drying air conditioning or heating, and a million other things we encounter in daily life but don’t really think about, can have serious negative effects on the skin. Daily skincare and sun protection are, of course, essential for combating this and keeping your skin protected from these hazards, but it’s not enough on its own.

Your body uses night time to do all of the most intensive work on repairing and maintaining your skin; it’s at night that the highest rates of cell division and regeneration tend to be seen. In other words, no matter how valiant your efforts on safeguarding your skin in the day, there will always still be damage that needs to be undone at night, which means it’s as important—if not perhaps more so—to have a solid night care routine as it is a daytime one.

But Vine Vera knows many people in this day and age lead busy, stressful lives, and when the day comes to an end, you may just want to collapse unceremoniously in bed, which is why today we’re going to talk about how you can simplify your nighttime skincare (or establish a simple routine if you don’t have one already) without sacrificing any efficacy in the process.

Use Cleansing Wipes for a Quick yet Effective Cleanse
One of the most important parts of nighttime skincare is the nightly cleanse. It’s fairly common knowledge that sleeping in your makeup isn’t terribly good for your skin, and can cause acne and other skin problems, which is why cleansing is so important.

The problem? It’s too cumbersome. Lathering up your face and scrubbing with a moistened washcloth takes too long and isn’t very fun, especially if you’re tired. Instead, grab some pre-moistened cleansing wipes, with which you can simply wipe away the makeup, dirt, and grime of the day with little effort.

Get a Multitasking Night Cream to Cut Down on Steps
Who really has time to apply three different serums and a thick layer of moisturizer every night, when you just want to sleep already? Instead, find one good night cream that will meet all your needs, which you can apply after cleansing and then promptly conk out if you like.

In your ideal multitasking night cream, look for antioxidants, a healthy amount of retinol that’s within your tolerance, moisture-attracting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and any specific ingredients you need to combat any skin conditions you may have (like chamomile or aloe for sensitive skin, salicylic acid for acne, etc).

Get Some Solid Sleep!
You won’t need nearly as many products to look halfway decent if you just get some proper rest, and even with all the best products, you still won’t look your best unless you give your body the sleep it needs and deserves.

Everyone needs at least seven hours of sleep, and sometimes closer to nine, every night. Your exact sleep needs may vary from other peoples’, but everyone needs something withing the 7-9 range, so if you’re not getting that, go to bed earlier, or wake up later, re-work your schedule if you have to, but get your sleep!

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